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Feb 15 2011 5:12PM
wow i cant belive u ppl like this game
Aug 4 2010 11:11AM
i think jack is a alcholic or a beeraholic [my way of saying that he is adicted to beer]
Aug 3 2010 4:55PM
just like drunk klunk but halloweeny
Jun 20 2010 12:02PM
i like it ha ha ha ha hahahahahaahah
Apr 21 2010 5:18PM
Is he drunk or on drugs? Hes spinning around so yeah i think hes drunk or on drugs
Jan 21 2010 11:09PM
i got 133 with jack i unlockd bones i got 44 with bones very hard game
Dec 3 2009 5:30PM
i only got about 120 on jack he looks high and it looks like there 5
Nov 24 2009 3:11PM
wtf is he on drugs?! lol
Nov 17 2009 3:25PM
the hechk is with jack? is he on drugs?
Oct 30 2009 4:38PM
woah. jack's on crack
Oct 19 2009 9:08PM
my score is 64 yay!
Oct 11 2009 1:36PM
oh and u guys can be my friend any time!!! I WONT ANSWER!!!! jk....or am i??
Oct 11 2009 1:35PM
How did those guys cheat?!?!
Sep 27 2009 10:24PM
i got to 12 it started spinning upside down it is hard
Sep 15 2009 3:07PM
damn jack drank to much
Aug 28 2009 6:38PM
Aug 27 2009 1:14PM
WHAT THE HECK i looked at the high scores and this stupid guy cheated his way to first place!! his score was 1000,000,000,000,000,000. If you dont belive me look at the high scores!
Jul 22 2009 2:31AM
damn this was really hard
Jul 3 2009 2:18PM
Jun 19 2009 2:30PM
my score was 40 seconds
Jun 18 2009 5:06PM
Jun 9 2009 1:10PM
My score was ten!
Jun 5 2009 11:23AM
fukin gay as hell
Apr 1 2009 9:30PM
how do unlock the other monsters
Nov 30 2008 4:59PM
Nov 25 2008 9:38PM
43 yeah
Nov 22 2008 7:57AM
cmpleted it its too ****ing****in easy
Nov 20 2008 11:09PM
Nov 15 2008 1:48PM
Nov 14 2008 9:05PM
lilrose u loser that is not the real miley cyrus and if it is look her up everyone hates her
Nov 2 2008 2:08PM
lmfao i just keep doing like he is dancing to the muisic
Nov 1 2008 3:03PM
its hard though
Nov 1 2008 3:02PM
this game is cool miley cyrus likes it. its on her blog.
Sep 7 2008 11:42AM
this game is soooooooooooooooooo gay
Aug 29 2008 2:26PM
its reallly hard .. =[ i dont like it
Aug 24 2008 5:29AM
This game is barely ok and it's really wierd but still pretty fun at the same time.
Aug 20 2008 1:58PM
i diddent like it
Aug 19 2008 11:18AM
100 sec but the game is gay as hell
Aug 13 2008 7:25PM
Jul 27 2008 9:51AM
This game is stupid make the human pumpkin stay Awake oh
Jul 9 2008 5:38AM
Sorry But this Game poo poo
Jul 9 2008 5:38AM
I got 26

But this Game stinky
Jun 24 2008 9:16PM
Jun 4 2008 5:30PM
FRIKKIN ROOM! I hate this game!!!! :(
Jun 2 2008 3:43PM
its hard to get back up once u have fallen lol
Apr 27 2008 5:34PM
the school turn on top of me
Mar 29 2008 11:29PM
Dec 29 2007 6:12PM
Nov 17 2007 4:11PM
this is a kool game and full of excitement....