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Jun 6 2012 6:23PM
this game is hark AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHh
Nov 5 2010 9:29PM
Nov 3 2010 7:43PM
Level 5 is impossible
Nov 1 2010 6:20PM
Ohhhh this is hard
Jun 26 2010 12:00PM
i foking hate lvl 4 stupid matherfoking string and i never touch the sides stupid mutherfoking game
Feb 25 2010 7:43PM
got to level 29
Jan 31 2010 4:13PM
OMG ()_() STRING hhhehehehe :))))
Oct 5 2009 5:05AM
i made it up to level 5 or 4 Lolz yahoo johnnycah$_05.
My sister made my yahoo she was tired to make my yahoo she stayed up for 4 days last year well pCe
Aug 22 2009 1:02PM
well I like butt i hat that i loose all the time
Jul 21 2009 5:25PM
this game is really fun to play
if ppl want u can add me or send me a message
Jun 28 2009 10:09PM
this game is fun.add me if u want to
May 19 2009 7:50PM
okay but alittle hard
Mar 16 2009 9:36PM
Hehe, I loved it.
Aug 30 2008 11:53AM
Nice game!=]
Aug 29 2008 4:27PM
Aug 22 2008 12:49PM
this games is okay its not all that fun
Jul 12 2008 10:14PM
holy **** my mouse is ****ing stupid ill be near the end and my mouse gets ****ed up so i loose too bad,its a fun game
Jul 4 2008 10:29AM
omg this games soo ****in fun
May 31 2008 11:07AM
Nov 23 2007 5:38PM
this game is awsome you need to play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!