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Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity

By Unknown - Explore the castle and find the treasure.

Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity Description

Colonel Kerfuffle is about to embark on an expedition into the ruins of Castle Conundrum. As the story goes, many years after the death of the Eight Count of Conundrum, the castle was abandoned when the lords and ladies of the castle began seeing strange apparitions and hearing startling noises in the middle of the night. Many believed these to be the work of the restless ghost of the Count himself. This is not a ghost hunting mission but rather an artifact recover mission. Legend has it that the Count left behind a fortune in treasure, locked away n a secret vault hidden deep within the castle keep. Entering the castle keep will not be that easy. The keep is surrounded by a very wide moat and the drawbridge lies in ruins. Reach the keep by using the underground passages that connect the other buildings within the castle walls. Walk around using the arrow keys and turn your flashlight on or off using the space bar. The castle is divided into 5 levels. In each level, you need to find a key to unlock the door that leads to the next level. But each level has many rooms, so finding the key and the door won't be easy. If your batteries run out and you're not carrying a spare one, you'll be left in the dark. You can carry up to 3 at a time so keep an eye out for them. You'll need your flash light to help you steer clear of all the holes in the floor. If you fall into one of the many holes around the castle, you'll lose a life and get sent back to the entrance of the current level. You can restore a life by finding a safari hat but you can only carry 3 of these at a time. The castle is huge and it's easy to get lost so tread carefully. Your flashlight isn't very powerful and will only be effective a few feet in front of you. Use the map to help you navigate around the castle. Find the treasure and prove once and for all that it does indeed exist.