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ClickDeath Hospital And Lab

By - Create a bloody mess at the hospital and lab.


ClickDeath Hospital And Lab Description

Create a bloody mess at the hospital and lab but don't let the stickmen see each other get killed.

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Dec 10 2018 9:04 AM



Dec 10 2018 5:32 PM

wow really.


Dec 11 2018 5:51 PM

for hospital 1. Wait until you see lights approaching from the ambulance outside. Click the open electrical box on the outside of the building. It will drop a container of some sort. When the electrician walks out to grab it, click it again and the ambulance will run him over. 2. When the ambulance runs him over click on the patient that is hooked up on the machine and he will begin to squirm. Then hurry and click on the ramp from the ambulance and the medic and patient will fall and hurt themselves. 3. By this time the nurse will have seen her patient squirming and gone to get a shot. When the nurse is in the closet click on her and she will begin to tumble down the stairs. at this time the other medic and patient should be going up stairs and they will collide and die. 4. Now unplug the machine the patient is hooked up to and close his curtain and he will die. 5. Then click the neon cross hospital sign on top of the building. It will fall on the ambulance and kill the driver. 6. Finally that will create a crack on the roof where the sign was. Continue to click the crack and it will continue to expand and the roof will cave in above the last patient who is reading a magazine. Done.


Dec 11 2018 5:52 PM

Lab walk through: 1. Wait until the guy on the top floor is looking at the dripping chemicals. The release the mouse and quickly tip the green beaker. It will then crawl into the bag. When the bag gets take down to the bottom floor, click on the fire. The guy will then try to load the bags in for incineration. The mouse will jump out causing him to fall into the fire. If you properly mutated the mouse, it will also kill the guy in the elevator. 2. When the guy on the top floor is not looking, click on the red beaker to switch it with his water bottle. When he looks away again, switch it back. 3. While the guy it messing with the MMR machine, click the door stop to close the door. After he retrieves the keys and leaves them on the door, while he's messing with the machine again, click the red switch. 4. Nothing. Apparently you don't need to kill the second guy on the middle floor for some reason...


Dec 12 2018 5:28 PM

its fun i gess 4/10 :/


Dec 16 2018 11:52 PM

I love the ClickDeath games. And xbeiberx, you're a f***ing noob


Dec 24 2018 1:07 PM

I found out how to kill every one in lab. The first thing you do is click the mouse on the top floor to let him out, then click him rapidly so he goes in the bag. Then, drop the green bottle onto the bag with the mouse inside. Then, on the second floor, click the yellow and red stuff in the tubes so they fall out of the tubes, and onto the table. Then, when the guy on the left of the second floor is on the side of the door where you can see him, click the door stopper so the door closes. during this, another guy will go in the elevator, and go to the top floor. When he runs past the guy that drinks the water bottle, he will turn around to look at him. When his back is turned, switch the red bottle and the water bottle and get one drop of yellow in the water, then switch it around again. He will take yet another sip of water, which will be his last. During this, on the second floor, the guy that controls the big machine would have gotten keys to go inside the door. when he works on the machine again, click the red switch, and the keys should be pulled by a magnetic pull, and go straight through his head. Now, on the right of the second floor, click the white box. The guy will put the tubes in the gray cylinder, and be put in the box. I don't know if you have to click the white box again, but better safe to be sorry! When he puts everything in the box, click the box, and he will be cut in half. The Guy in the elevator would have not seen ANY of this, which confuses me. ANYWAY, he will go to the furnace room, and give the worker another bag. click the furnace door, and the worker will put the bags in. Including the bag with our little rat friend. But wait, before he can put in the last one, the mouse will have become SUPER MOUSE after having the green stuff spilled on him. He will go in a rage, and make the worker fall in the furnace. The last survivor will be in the elevator, not knowing he is the last one to be in your murderous grasp. Click the mouse. He will finish the job.