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Chompy the Great

By Strout's Ink - Chomp the bugs and pass the wizards tests.

Chompy the Great Description

You are Chompy the magical Venus Fly Trap. The wizard GanDope has offered to make you a great warrior for the cause of good. All you have to do is pass his tests! He tests will come in the form of several waves of tasty bugs which Chompy must chomp. Each time you complete a wave of bugs you will be offered the chance to grow chompy a little bit in several areas. By growing Chompy you will increase his ability to complete the rest of the wizards test. Growing the right features at the right times will improve your chances of success. If bugs get past Chompy to the ground they will chew on his roots, causing his HP bar to lower. If they hurt him badly enough he will have failed the wizards test! Upgrading Chompy's teeth will help him to do more damage to the bugs. When you bite a bug, its guts will spray out all over the place. If you manage to catch them as they fall, you can use them to upgrade.