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Camelot Smash-A-Lot

By Matts - Catapult livestock at the fiendish French fortress.


Camelot Smash-A-Lot Description

Join King Arthur and his knights as they besiege silly French fortresses with their livestock-throwing catapult. Use the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch and the Trojan Rabbit to raize them to the ground.

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Dec 17 2019 2:51 PM

ok game 7/10....FIRST COMMENT!!!!!now no1can call it


Dec 17 2019 4:08 PM

of corse the noob that liked it rated it out of 10. 1/5 s***ed.


Dec 17 2019 5:24 PM

how did I know there was going to be an a**hole who thinks he's so f***ing cool calling first comment. I hope you f***ing die you piece of s***. I want you to rot in hell as Satan's raping b****. I hope that you fall in a f***ing bottomless pit, so you just die from starving to death while falling, rather than hitting for a wuick death. you are a b**** and should not have been made, or put on this earth, for any purpose besides getting s*** on by f***ing monkeys, you a** raping w****. On the game, it's a rip off of castle clout, even with some of the same sound effects. 0/5 s***ed a**


Dec 17 2019 6:44 PM

How did i know that there will be an a**hole who thinks it's cool to throw insults at people.Who cares if they called the first comment.Let the kids have some fun


Dec 17 2019 7:05 PM

camelot, he,he,he!


Dec 17 2019 8:44 PM

I fart in your general direction! LOL


Dec 17 2019 10:52 PM

as much as i hat comment callers,i don't blank on them like jaybird74. even if i do, i'm not that messed up in the head about blanking on pepl. and crush the castle one,two and extended edition is WAYYYYY better than castle clout.


Dec 18 2019 11:03 AM

Agian watch your mouth jaybird


Dec 18 2019 11:51 AM

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