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By gamemonetize - A .io Games game.


You're a special government agent called charls. A scientific campaign has decided to embark on a race to see which is the first laboratory in the world to be able to communicate with a brain outside the body and keep it alive artificially. In this place they have managed to connect a lot of sensors in a brain to be able to communicate and extract information from it without destroying it in the process. Agent Charls is then sent there in order to stop all these experiments since the scientists have no plans to deliver their data to the government. It seems that the mafia has decided to finance these researchers and the danger that this represents must be faced by charls undertaking a long journey where he must use his ability to be silent not to be seen by guards and attack at the right time.
Press Space to start the game Press W to walk forward Press A D to move sideways Press S once to duck Press S twice to lie on the floor and crawl Press left mouse click to punch Press right mouse click to point your weapon Press Ente