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Sep 9 2013 1:30PM

NO CHEATING , post this as your status & see what numbers people [INBOX] you...
#1. Second chance
#2. Your cute
#3. Kiss
#4. Better friendship
... #5. Chill
#6. Cuddle
#7. Long term relationship
#8. An apology
#9. A hug
#10.I like you
#11. I'm crushing on you
#12. I dislike you
#13. I love you
#14. You're my babe
#15.I have alot of feelings for you
#16.I want you to be mine
#17.I love you!
Jun 10 2013 9:31PM

Lol Idk
Jun 10 2013 3:51PM

Rainy Day.-. Such a boring day..
Mar 23 2013 8:36PM

I haven't been on this site for a while I'm glad I'm back on
Feb 2 2013 6:54PM

i was actually wrong about the weekend! I'm about to go to out to a party so excited!!!
Feb 2 2013 12:44AM

I'm positive that this weekend is going to be boring as shat...
Feb 2 2013 12:22AM

Can't wait till Valentines Day!!!! <3 Plus, on the 7th is my brother's birthday and we're doing a surprise birthday party for him Bottles goin to be all over!
Jan 26 2013 5:21PM

This Saturday is soo boring!!!!!!! There is nothing to do at all!-.-
Jan 26 2013 1:00PM

Snow don't go away!!!!
Jan 21 2013 11:32PM

I'm bored and I can't sleep lol
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