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Hello, I am Ryan. That's about it. Get off my lawn.


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Dec 31 2012 4:44PM
Thank God

Nothing has been happening for the longest time now, I think I am finally able to enjoy New Years Eve.
Dec 23 2012 10:14PM
The Notebook

A few weeks ago, I found this notebook on my porch. I opened it up, but nothing was written on it. After a few nights, I kept feeling the urge to look at the pages. I finally did, and I saw the words "I will eat your skin" sloppily written on one of the pages. Next to it was a picture of a man in a top hat, with pointy teeth and unhumanlike eyes with tears coming out of each one. It creeped me out a bit, but I thought nothing of it. I realize now what it meant. It was a warning.
Dec 23 2012 12:40PM
Its up

Got a video of something new.
Dec 23 2012 12:26PM

I will try and post videos of this man if I manage to catch him on camera, my account is dasawesomeguy.
Dec 23 2012 12:24PM
Back to where we started

He came back. We were just forgetting about it, then he's back. We were at a Christmas party and I just look out the window, and he's there. I screamed incredibly loud right then and there. Everything was silent. I just left. I drove home and I look in my rear view mirror, and what the hell do I see, his face in the back seat. I almost wrecked my car. I got home, locked the door and curled into a ball and cried.
Dec 19 2012 8:31PM
Going okay

Me and my mother have been recovering well from our last encounter. We haven't seen this 'man' since we contacted police.
Dec 18 2012 9:17PM
Man oh man

The cops called us out, they told us that there is not enough information to investigate, but they suggest we install video cameras around our house. Why is he doing this to me? Anyway, I do not want any messages asking if this is real or not. This is real. I wish it was fake, but no. This is the real deal. Do not message me unless you have some sort of unorthodox solution or you have had encounters with this man. I appreciate it.
Dec 18 2012 8:38PM

This is really bad. Its been at least 3 days since my last encounter with this 'man'. I have been staying at my mothers house since then, and I have been fine. Until a few hours ago. Me and my mom were eating dinner, just talking normally, when we heard some bangs on the front door. My mom went to get it. She opened the door and then I heard that shrill voice say "I will eat your skin." I stopped and stood still. My mom sounded distressed. She asked who the man was, but all he said was his famous line, "I will eat your skin." My mom ran and grabbed the phone. By instinct I followed her, and we ran in the closet. We called the police, and thank God they answered. We had to keep it to a whisper, we told them about the man and how he kept appearing and taunting us. They sent some police, but they said that we needed to stay calm in the mean time. She was keeping us calm, when we heard bangs on the door of the closet. I looked through the crack, and I almost fainted. The man was.... different. He had no eyes. Just sockets. Blood was pouring out of the holes of what remained of his eyes. His smile was ear to ear, I screamed. The bangs got louder and louder and the lady on the other line was repeatedly trying to calm us down. Some cops finally burst through the door. They opened the closet door. On the carpet was blood. It looked fresh. Me and my mother are sitting in her room. She is asleep, but I'm awake, typing this on her laptop. Seriously guys, I'm scared. P.M. me if you have any idea of what I should do, but I am scared out of my mind.
Dec 15 2012 4:54PM

to get outta their house, but then they noticed I was crying my eyes out. They sat me on the couch and asked me whats wrong. I told them everything and they let me stay for the night. We have tried contacting police for a while now, but all we get is a static noise on the other line. They are letting me use their computer to try and ask if I can stay with someone, and I have contacted my mother and I will be staying there until everything goes back to normal. I am scared.
Dec 15 2012 1:29PM

I am in trouble. There's something in my house. I saw it last night. It was about 3:00. I was on here minding my own business, when I looked over my shoulder. I saw something. Just outside of my sliding glass window. It looked like a man, about 6 foot 7, he was wearing a top hat. He was smiling like he was some sort of insane person. Now, I live is St. Lucia, and we get lots of these criminals and homeless people thinking they can wonder into our houses. I ran to get the phone. I pick it up and he's gone. I ignored this. I tend to shrug things like this off. So I walk away. But I go to walk upstairs, there he ****ing is. Right at the top of the stairs. I noticed his eyes glow and he has pale skin. I scream and run to get the phone. I grab it and turn around and he's at the bottom. How could he move so fast? I threaten to call the police, and he just says, "I will eat your skin." Just like that. Still smiling. I will eat your skin. I am genuinely scared out of my mind. I dial the number for the police. Its ringing and he's still standing there. I run outside. It's still ringing. Why aren't they answering? I look through the window and he's looking at me. I am shaking. It finally stops ringing. Its silent. There's this static sound on the other line. It stays silent for about a minute then a woman's voice whispers, "I will eat your skin." I drop the phone and run inside. I am panicking. I grab a frying pan and look for this guy. It seems like he is gone. I go back on my computer, trying to forget this. I look and see Microsoft Word is opened, so I look and here's what it says, copied and pasted, word for word: i will eat your skin i will eat it be afraid.be afraid.i can kill you now if i wanted to andi will eat you skin,.,, Along with this was a picture of my window and under that was: this is wher you live ryan, i could kill you. May I add that all this was written on font size 48 in red? I ran outta my goddamn house and busted into my neighbours house. They told me
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