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Feeling Nostalgic in the, United States
About Me:
My name is Taylor. I just use this site to reminisce on good times, so if we used to talk, you should message me on instagram @taylor.matthewss - Also add me on PSN: Supercash79
Instagram: taylor.matthewss / Old MFG Account: Awesomeguy100

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May 26 2018 10:15PM
If you ever messaged me back in 2012-2015 MESSAGE ME ON INSTAGRAM PLS.
I would like to catch up with everyone

Also add me on PSN: Supercash79
Jul 25 2015 3:54PM
Don't care
Don't be shocked if I message you I'm bored
Jul 25 2015 3:50PM
I'm back
Jul 10 2015 12:43PM
Day 1
July 10th 2015
Jul 9 2015 7:31PM
I seem to have a wall around my account. No one can see me in my little bubble ._.
Jul 6 2015 8:57AM
Illuminati Confirmed?!?
Jun 15 2015 5:55PM
People Plz
if you are ever bored on this website message me I am always down to talk
Jun 14 2015 7:31PM
You people who think I blog to much you're wrong! I just have a lot to say
Jun 14 2015 12:20PM
longest i've ever slept aka stuff that no one cares about xD
Jun 13 2015 9:34PM
I got hooked oh no...


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Jun 15 2015 5:06AM

Thank you cx
BOTDF lover
Oct 4 2013 1:20PM

Huh? Lol
Me :)
Sep 20 2013 6:24AM

(")> Im a penguin
BOTDF lover
Sep 15 2013 10:18AM

Noooo we have such great conversations! Don't leave ):
Me :)
Aug 18 2013 11:57AM

BOTDF lover
Aug 12 2013 4:48PM

Are you okay!!?!?
BOTDF lover
Jul 31 2013 4:58PM

;o I didn't steal your cookie!
You gave it to me..... I just accidentally ate it O.o
Oops :c
BOTDF lover
Jul 23 2013 11:15PM

Haaiii!!! c:
Your cooking is doing good!
In my tummeh!! XD
Jul 23 2013 12:31AM

Hey bro. It's been to long since we last talked. What's been up?
Jul 22 2013 5:24AM

Hello friend c:
i thought you needed a comment on your page.
it seemed lonely :c
but no longer shall your page be lonely!
for i shall comment and make your page awesome!
your a really cool friend to have and i hope we will always be friends c:
talk to me soon k? K. bye. ^.^

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