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Location: Slaughter all humans and kids, Russian Federation  
About Me:
Watch As The Ink Black Shadow Comes For Your Soul. Let Go Let Death Over Come Your Life U All Will See Hem U All Will Feel His Fingers Grab Ur Soul Rip Ur Heart Out Watch U Bleed Watch As u Beg Not To Die But Its To Late Ur Life Is Done
Website: If Everybody Got a Bong And Smoked Alot Of Weed Then Everyone Would Get Along And End All Our Greed


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May 13 2017 7:18PM

Sex, Drugs,an alcohol,
Weed, Speed, an birthcontrol,
Life's a b****, so **** the world,
and let's get high.
Marijuana, PCP
Magic mushrooms, LSD
We are Stoners,
We have class,
You'll **** with us,
We'll kick your ass,
So all your preps that
think your cool,
Just remember Stoners rule.



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