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Unspitefulness is the artist behind my profile picture. She's also my beautiful wife haha xoxo!!

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May 25 2018 12:43PM
turned 18 yesterday, isn't that crazy.
AND i probably crushed my final senior project
sittin PRETTY today fellas (rachel u already know ur my BEST fella, or bf)
Jan 31 2018 6:46PM
here's MY take on chinese food
when i was younger, i was into sweet and sour chicken but in the past couple years, general tso's chicken has started to become my main preference.
i mean you already know i'll still eat the sweet and sour chicken like it's nobody's business
i think i can say that i like lo mein but i haven't had it in a long time
Jan 30 2018 5:50PM
as for the hair question...
i'd have to think about it. it rlly depends on what color we're talkin'.
Jan 30 2018 5:48PM
there goes another scrapped masterpiece
Jan 30 2018 5:47PM
[ b a s i c s ]
Name: christian
Age/DOB: 17/ 05/24/2000
SSN: rachel's a cute lil jokester
Shoe size: 10.5 or 11
Do you wear glasses/contacts?: i SHOULD be wearing glasses, BUT SOMEBODY TICKLED ME TO THE POINT WHERE I SAT ON 'EM
Want/have any piercings?: i have the May birthstone pierced in my left ear
Tattoos?: no
Do you smoke/drink?: on quiet nights i like to crush cement into a fine powder and smoke the **** out of it
Which social media platforms do you use the most?: facebook ):
What is something you say a lot?: i'm hungry

[ r e l a t i o n s h i p s ]
Are you in a relationship?: ya
What's your boy/girlfriend's name?: rachel
What's your favourtie thing about them?: everything! but specifically she has a coot voice, pretty appearance and is very sweet and compassionate
Do you want to marry him/her? ya
Where was your first date?: the mall
What amount of PDA are you comfortable with?: a.. a moderate amount?
Do you want children? How many?: ya, 2 or more

[ m u s i c ]
What's your favorite song at the moment?: tonight tonight by the smashing pumpkins
Favourite singer/group/band?: hhhOOO BOY. nine inch nails, godflesh, or death grips
Your preferred genre of music?: metal i guess, but my musical tastes range everywhere from pink floyd, kraftwerk, and iron maiden to gucci mane, swans, and a day to remember
What are you listening to right now?: my name is mud by primus
Can you play the gee-tar?: at my peak i knew 90% of nirvana's come as you are, and although i wasn't good at playing these, i knew how to play a good amount of fade to black and a little bit of master of puppets by metallica

[ f o o d ]
Favourite dessert(s): i don't have a huge sweet tooth, so probably homemade chocolate chip cookies
Favourtie restaurant(s): i wouldn't say i have a favorite but i like the outback and dibella's
Favourite Chinese food(s): general tso's chicken
How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?: i never usually get pineapple on my pizza but i'll eat
Jan 29 2018 4:38PM
u gotta STOP
Jan 29 2018 3:44PM
the purposely long story's scrapped, pals. )':
Jan 29 2018 3:43PM
Name: christian
Middle name:
Last name:
Favorite color: blue
Color of the shirt you are wearing: black
Color of your eye's: blue-grey/blue-green(?)
Color of your hair right now: dark brown
Virgin?: no
Smoke?: only the FINEST and FRESHEST oregano and garlic seasoning
Tattoos?: no
Random word: hay
Are you in love right now?: yeah
What's his/her name: rachel
How long have you and him/her been dating? 1 year and 7 months
Do you eat cake?: hell ya dood
Favorite food?: either mac n cheese or philly cheesesteaks
Do you dye your hair?: yee
Favorite fruit?: either strawberries or bananas
How tall are you?: 5'8
If you had one wish what would it be?: It's 10 in the morning, and I wake up from my bed in a crisp, warm-weathered suburban neighborhood. My wife, Rachel, is laying beside me, probably having elaborate dreams due to how much of a dreamy cutiepants she is. I give her a kiss. I leave the house only her and I reside in, until Nicholas and/or Autumn are born. I'm off to my IT job, where I strive to consitently work hard and eventually rise through the ranks. For my appearance, I guess I would be wearing a collar-shirt of some sort? Or a suit, if I eventually get into managerial IT. Of course I'd try to make sure that my dress shoes are f u e g o, those of which would be next to my collection of Jordan's, nike's, and whatever other sneakers i find pleasing enough to want to buy. Now this is where the possibilities get endless - the hypothetical car I enter. I guess this is where I'm supposed to determine my dream car? Well uh, hm, I wouldn't mind a BMW i8 roadster, or a S-class mercedes-benz. But I also wouldn't mind much of anything else, you know? I like luxury cars a lot. But I also like muscle cars, you following me? I'm the type of guy to walk into a car dealership, look the dealer in the eye and go "Hello, sir. I want a Mercedez, a BMW, or an Audi, but I'm sure my sub-conscious will allow you to talk me into nearly any other car in the world, g
Nov 27 2017 8:00PM
you may be showering rn but I'm still gonna make this blog to tell you i love you you goof
Nov 13 2017 9:39PM
you wanna hear the saddest story?
i bought a wow card right before my laptop broke


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May 23 2018 11:02PM

Jan 29 2018 3:08AM

you're my everything.i say that very often, but it is true.
you've helped me grow so much as a person, you being around helps me want to move myself forward.
i love you so much, christian. i'm so glad we have one another.
you truly are my heart and soul. i never want to lose you.
Nov 15 2017 12:50PM

Aug 25 2016 4:17PM

you mean everything to me. i will love you forever, i mean that. you're the most amazing person ever, you're truly perfect to me. you're everything i could ever ask for and more. i can't believe how lucky i am to have you in my life the way that i do. i love you so much.

15 days left. (:
Aug 24 2016 7:46PM

you're #1 cutie and #1 person in the world. you mean so much to me. i never want to be with anyone else but you. i can't wait to see you again...which if everything goes to plan,,,,,,,will be less than 20 days :^)
Aug 20 2016 8:16PM

ilysm. you're the best, lil qt.
Aug 19 2016 8:59PM

ur the qt
Feb 12 2014 7:39AM

No more fun time for you
Feb 12 2014 3:37AM

I've said what I have r
Thanks for listening you whore :c
Feb 11 2014 7:37PM

I never had one silly
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