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i do draw. and i like corsets . I like cigarettes , i smoke sandwiches . Seen my favorite bands in concert so no need to live anymore, besides; to go to more concerts / College . But u may still msg me .. Welcome and ty for the the stalk on my page!!
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Jun 11 2017 2:17AM
TRUTH .... Not Always The Best .

I Lost a Really great guy today ... Been crying or trying to not cry for hours ... Screaming and whaling alone in my room . i don't wanna hook up , just throwing that out there .2 anyone interested in being more than friends with me ... I'M SO FUKING < /3 , Cannot believe that i thought i wanted to be Single , My <3 hurts so badly .
We had so many plans , i wanted to go to college and move in with Kyle , I Named my cat his last name !!
I mail him gifts just to show how much i loved himsaid we would be together forever- and he did the same , he was in the middle of making me a choker out of chain mail .. And MY Bracelet matched HIS necklace Purrfectly .... :'(
but now im free ! 2 Do as i please ! And It sucks , Just saying ,The truth , izn't always pretty, And i told the truth .. And it ruined me ......
Apr 24 2017 10:03PM

CAN anyone actually get onto the chatroom with me ?? im running out of guest usernames to use, lOL , ANYONE PLZ ?
Apr 24 2017 9:15PM

E- You are popular with all types of people.
L- You are always smiling and making others smile.
I- Love is something you deeply believe in.
S- People think you are so sexy, especially your bf/gf
A- You always want some action
*Sstrangely all True *

A- You always want some action
B- You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C- You definitely have a partier side in you.
D- You're Super cool.
E- You are popular with all types of people.
F- Fantasic chracteristics you brighten the room of everywhere you go.
G- You always want some action
H- You have very good personality and looks.
I- Love is something you deeply believe in.
J- Everyone loves you.
K- You like to try new things.
L- You are always smiling and making others smile.
M- Success comes easily to you.
N- You can be very "fun"...in bed
O- You love foreplay.
P- You are very friendly and understanding.
Q- You are a hypocrite.
R- You are social.
S- People think you are so sexy, especially your bf/gf
T- You have an attitude, a big one.
U- You usely r hella tight.
V- You are not judgemental.
W- You are very broad minded.
X- You never let people tell you what to do.
Y- You always make every experience Great.
Z- You have trouble trusting people.
Apr 13 2017 5:45PM
i feel guilty ,

SO so Guilty , b cause everyone will die with me , just kidding , b cause I'm cheating , cheating is bad kids. but don't worry ! Because I love you all , fml , I'm easy.. . more than you know. More And MOre every day . I l u more than you love Me ! If u close ur eyes ; does it feel Freeing lik e somebody is watching? That's me , I see and hear everybody , HOW Can I have so much sin!!! 7 isn't a big enough number ; I have Lust; Sloth; Greed; Vanity; Gluttony ..
all im missing is envy and wrath , but just wait a few , I WILL Get there! I Need less saytan,in my life and more ALLAH . Yea that's right , I mean THAT God . but if I want to repent , might as well be catholic ! or something , but Christ's father AKA God IS DED SO WTF Is the point , even If he has been replaced with Gob Allah is still a much bettr choice , (another reson im Guilty ): HFS should You save me 4m me-self ? Or 4m everybody else??
Apr 10 2017 12:01AM

we were born with nothing and we sure has have nothing now. thses are the things we lost. In the fire , fire, FIRE !
(Do u relize how much im going to loose? noy alot, but still)
Flames, they licked the walls tederly, they turned to dust All that i've Done
(there is no where else to go)
Thses are the days that define us
(What my feels are and How I deal )[Or how I just give zero ****]
the things we will never see again ; all that we lost Everything shattered right in front of us , turning to dust)
playing games ; ive nere played on purpose ; games are wrong and cruel by my standards
Apr 7 2017 11:12PM

Are You saying I'M A GOOD PERSON???! Because i'm not
i'm a lier , starter of fires, im already dead inside !and awkward on the outside . don't even trust my fam. only think abou t 1 man .
i'm not who u think i am , who i am , i'm not a good boy . Not a god, but thinks i am .
i can only dream when im with yu . About You , And for you , <3
i m clockwork orange (perfectly moral ; nonviolent , but with no free will )
AKA Being the Biggest ***** in the world!
Apr 6 2017 11:49PM

MAke a knot for yourself. Like seriously! y not !! MAKE A ****ING KNOT AND DIE . -Picture mE Broken --wide awake--

!!!!!!!U gotta be loud u gotta be rude, so the world can Hear You!!! -miw =Graveyard Shift=

If Not? tie a knot , B cause This World is Going 2 swallow you Up .

/!!!!!!Say F Y & make the best of It !!!!

there is never a cure , well besides an encore 666 ^^}

lool i'll answer the Q: this , Midgard , is not BIG but its purpose is , And if u look at it As Big , then u will always remain small ..
Apr 6 2017 11:27PM

Oh i want someone to take me away , Where? well don't give it AWAY . I dont give a F. what are you waiting for, an invitation!

Here we go , round and round again ... these , #skitzo , Thought ALL THE ****ING THYME !

only way they are controlled is by music .........

i just wanna go out TONIGHT & I'm too tired to put up a Good FiGHT.

u might be supried to what yu may find ,
Apr 6 2017 11:20PM
mY LoVe & My cOcAINE!!!

never Gunna quit my addiction, it keeps me so conflicted .

Your so good for me baby , so good for my phyci

Give me kisses Again // YOU ARE MYNE! LOVE 4 GOD SAKES!

my <3 and my cocaine



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