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nate need u  
Sep 5 2018 4:54PM
WOW  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Aug 31 2018 12:53PM
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If anyones bored feel free to msg me on here kik skype hangouts or just ask for number
Aug 26 2018 1:17PM
i miss this  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

I miss everyone. I'm so sad this site is so vacant now. Message me if you want.
Aug 22 2018 12:15PM
rawr! (haven't logged on in years)  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

omg does anyone still use this site anymore?
Aug 20 2018 2:59AM
It's been a while...  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

So I have now been on this site for 5 years now! Wow that's a huge milestone! I love the love I receive from you guys!! I have kik that is the only messenger I use on a regular basis to talk to fans and friends!! Subscribe to my youtube channel I'm going to start being more active on that as soon as my camera gets back. Hit my inbox I've missed you all so much!!!
Aug 18 2018 7:59AM
Deepest Condolence & Sympathy Messages  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

When individuals condole, or offer their condolences to a particular situation or person, they are offering active, conscious support of that person or activity. This is often expressed by saying, "Sorry". Often, the English language expression "My condolences" will be in a context, such as death of a mother's loved one, in which the one offering condolences is communicating a feeling of pity towards the unfortunate party. Expressions of condolence may also be used as sarcasm if one considers the complaining person to be exaggerating their suffering, especially when they appear to consider as tragic something that is relatively insignificant.
Condolence is not always expressed in sorrow or grievance, as it can also be used to acknowledge a fellow feeling or even a common opinion.
There are various ways of expressing condolences to the victims. Examples include donating money to the charity nominated by the person who has just died, writing in a condolences book or supporting the mother and family of the loved one by making meals and looking after them in various ways in times of need.
Aug 18 2018 7:54AM
simple birthday message for mother  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

It can surely create his birthday genuinely unique. Furthermore, the mother will be the most real life, without them, your life would become whole boring. Your mother cause you to laugh, and make you sad, struggle for you, play you etc.. The ideal part of your absolute mother is that when you're hurt by some thoughts subsequently your mother can do anything to get you to laugh and joyful. Consistently the mother will stand for your own support. Mother can handle all of your stupid stuff and may struggle for you. Close mother can listen for you. she loves you and you also love your best mother too. A buddy is the person, who's obviously there for you each time you need him. A mother who's always with you if you really need his consideration. Allows us to celebrate his or her birthday with increased joy and happiness this year. Motherhood may be the largest thing in the world where mother are equal to each other. No other one may take a place of your mother. Having one companion has already been a wonderful blessing. Your companion will never leave you even when your down. She or he is a person you can talk to if you have any problems. That is why, if your very mother birthday is getting closer you must do something special to get him.
Aug 13 2018 9:38PM
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Liebe umfasst eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen emotionalen und mentalen Zuständen, typischerweise stark und positiv erfahren, die von der höchsten Tugend oder guten Gewohnheit, der tiefsten zwischenmenschlichen Zuneigung und dem einfachsten Vergnügen reichen. Ein Beispiel für diese Bedeutungsvielfalt ist, dass sich die Liebe einer Mutter von der Liebe eines Ehepartners von der Liebe des Essens unterscheidet. Am häufigsten bezieht sich Liebe auf ein Gefühl starker Anziehung und emotionaler Bindung. Liebe kann auch eine Tugend sein, die menschliche Freundlichkeit, Mitgefühl und Zuneigung darstellt, als
Aug 1 2018 11:35AM
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Jul 30 2018 12:06AM
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Kik; Elvisfan1272 Discord: Elvisfan1272#9776 Hangouts: main email : skype:Elvisfan994

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