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May 26 2017 11:15PM
wazzz up? :}  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

hey y'all
May 26 2017 3:52PM
Uh  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Very bored
May 26 2017 2:11PM
Stuff  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Who wants to talk, I'm bored.
May 26 2017 9:44AM
hi  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

i like trains chew chew and i play pokemon go every day im a stgostouraus
May 24 2017 2:53AM
wow  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

coming back to this site is always so weird. i used to get on here every single day and there was always someone new to talk to, its almost sad how dead this place is. then again, i didnt keep in touch with anyone from here so whatever i guess. it would be kind of funny to hear from someone i used to know so message me if you know me, i might check my inbox at some point
May 21 2017 8:01PM
I'm back  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Hello friends.
Latin Kings  
May 13 2017 7:18PM
Stoners  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Sex, Drugs,an alcohol,
Weed, Speed, an birthcontrol,
Life's a b****, so **** the world,
and let's get high.
Marijuana, PCP
Magic mushrooms, LSD
We are Stoners,
We have class,
You'll **** with us,
We'll kick your ass,
So all your preps that
think your cool,
Just remember Stoners rule.
May 11 2017 6:56PM
rick and morty  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

where tf is the rest of season 3? I NEED YOU PICKLE RIIIIIICK!!
May 11 2017 3:13PM
see what happenS  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

send $5 with a way to contact you and see what happens
Junior Beast  
May 8 2017 1:54PM
Haunted House  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Well if you want somewhat of a slight challenge and you like skeletons and the BOOOOOGGGGYYYYY MAAAAANNNN then play Haunted House. DON'T GET TO SCARED. Lol!!!
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