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Jul 24 2010 8:43PM
dude ive tryed this myself it really works but here we are if u press ctrl and f4 at the same time youll get 100000000000 points!! i found this out at www.gamesradar.com
Mar 8 2010 3:53PM
if you get 0:00 on each level you get 10000000 points s to skip level
Sep 16 2009 5:36PM
just press s
May 10 2009 12:33AM
just press s and you go to the next level
Jan 31 2009 10:30AM
Jan 30 2009 10:22PM
Press S Through The Levels To Get 9999999 Points At The End.
Jan 18 2009 7:53PM
press s on all the levels
Jan 8 2009 2:43PM
u need to tell people what happens tjmac145, anyway press s at the very first part of level to skip the level
Dec 23 2008 7:17PM
press s