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Apr 30 2012 10:06PM
Jun 25 2011 10:29PM
during gameplay press alt f4
Apr 25 2011 5:12PM
rite click then press play then right click agian and press play then you will get 99 for every thing
Nov 15 2010 6:34AM
You should probably goto
Jul 21 2010 1:34PM
press i to be invincible
Jul 21 2010 1:28PM
500000000000000000000000$ money
Jul 21 2010 1:10PM
5000000$ money
Jun 26 2010 12:31AM
You all suck ****!!!!!!
May 30 2010 7:32PM
have both on computer sit back and watch.
Jan 26 2010 5:18PM
@#$% U
Aug 12 2009 4:25PM
shoot then press teleport DON'T CLICK wait for the next turn then click at the bottom of the screen before he pops up at the top of the ground he'll explode
May 8 2009 2:52PM
when u shoot any kind of wepon when its in the air click teleport then right when it explodes click where u want to go then the next person who is going to shoot will teleport there. p.s.if they dont have a parachute click the sky. p.s.s. there is a defect u might turn invisible
Apr 2 2009 8:20PM
kill the other guy
Jan 26 2009 4:27PM
Dec 27 2008 12:56AM
a to get $ b to kill your self c to get every weapon