Sands Of The Coliseum

by Berzerk Studio
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Nov 29 2016 4:53PM

83 C4 10
unlimited stats
Oct 30 2016 1:11PM

unlimited stats
Oct 26 2014 10:13AM

unlimited stats
Mar 1 2014 12:38PM

unlimited money
Jun 24 2013 12:27PM

83 C4 10
Aug 3 2012 8:31PM

P.S. If you see me don't kill me please and I'll give you all the cheats and info you ever need my team name is the storm lords
Aug 3 2012 8:23PM

If the enemy has two handed weapon go for the arm that is weaker so they won't be able to attack. If you all are going for one enemy attack the legs then the chest. If this helps please let me know because if lots of people like my tips, hints, and cheats I will submit cheats to every game I can.
Jun 8 2012 8:18PM

Go after there head it is easier and it is funny,awesome to watch their heads get chopped off.
Jun 8 2012 9:53AM

If they don't have armor on one limb, attack it. If there is armor all over their body, attack the lowest armored, or the legs, the easiest to deplete the armor.
Jun 8 2012 2:31AM

hope it helped
Jun 8 2012 2:31AM

not really a cheat but a hint attack their hand and arms no legs no attach no arms no attack so it makes it easier to win
Jun 7 2012 2:49PM

first cheat and the cheat is no cheat

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