Boredom Test

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Oct 3 2015 12:55PM

At the end {The maze} Right Click the screen and then Click the Closest Part of the end of the maze if you click the end when you rightclick it wont work
Oct 3 2015 12:46PM

If you press . you can skip all the levels
Sep 3 2015 12:35AM

1. Click on the button 30 times only.
2. Spelling mistake was spelt 'misstake'
3. Just click on all the bobs
4. stroke the cat 11 times until it runs away. Move your mouse above 'Help' and wait till it reappears. Click on it
5. Just long press space when it turns blue
6. It changes every time, so just guess a random number.
7. Just get to the finish line alive.
8. What is brown and sticky? A stick
9. Press randomly and use some luck.
10. Just type the sentence. ' I'm really bored, that's why I'm typing this right now. '
11. ( 436 x 122 ) = 53192
12. Click on 'Fine let's carry on'
13. Click on the right picture only.
One- The redder nose.
Two- The stripe on the leg.
Three- An extra stripe above the right eye.
Four- somewhere on the right eye
14. Nothing
15. From the smallest number -356 to the largest 1367
16. Just blindly memories it all
17. A bungalow has no stairs.
18. Type in 'I am so bored right now'
19. Keep the mouse in the maze. That's the end.
Jul 9 2015 5:22PM

the maze sucks
Apr 20 2014 5:47PM

Apr 20 2014 5:47PM

Apr 20 2014 5:46PM

Don't look at the maze for the last one. Add me if this doesn't work
Jun 19 2013 12:56PM

ok so press . (literally a "." period) and you can skip any level you want except for the last level (the maze) add me if this helped
Apr 13 2013 12:54PM

the peanut is orfange today but so is the yogurt
would you always where purple pajams when tou snaek around witha monkey?
Dec 3 2012 8:59PM

Nov 21 2012 6:38PM
dasha <3

what's brown and sticky? stick
what greater than GOD,
more evil then the DEVIL,
rich people need it,
and poor people have it? nothing

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