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Jan 4 2013 2:17AM
theres no cheats and i have this on my gameboy advance sp
Feb 5 2012 12:29PM
When u start jump 100 times and mario appears at the top then u win. If this doesnt work do it on the second level.
Dec 13 2011 6:52PM
Aug 4 2011 6:40PM
i'm sorry but this game has NO cheats. could you think of one?
Jul 22 2011 12:39PM
think of selena Gomez post this to five games It accually kinda works! ur voice will be different!
May 24 2011 3:15PM
when playing type ing 333 fhingame up down and enter
Mar 30 2011 3:27PM
y do we swear so much>? this is so inhumane
Feb 21 2011 6:05PM
this is a waste off mi life
Nov 15 2010 7:40AM
This games made simple with -- bit.ly/mfgtips
Sep 7 2010 8:28PM
all your using the cheats bar is to fight
Apr 14 2010 10:13AM
(looks at coryjones) Really? I don't think so...n00b
Feb 10 2010 7:49PM
you can jump on the oil and u get 6 lives
Dec 17 2009 8:14PM
freak this i don't take this crap all day
Nov 25 2009 8:54PM
I have a better cheat than *tj-man DONT PLAY THE F***ING GAME AND DONT COMMENT ME b****
Nov 8 2009 8:14PM
*tj-man that is the dumbest cheat ever thats not even a cheat!
Jul 21 2009 3:25PM
if you have the origanal game (arcade mode) type in name in this code area. It teleports you to level 22. watch the video if you dont get it. copy and paste this:

Its the same cheat for arcade mode. So go to a arcade and play donkey kong. Now you know how to get to level 22.
May 30 2009 12:28AM
OMG!!! I HAVE THE GREATEST CHEAT CODE OF ALL TIME 4 THIS GAME!........................................................ press the arrow keys 2 walk & space bar 2 jump
May 24 2009 11:48AM
Deathnotellover is right
u should not put in a cheat if u dont have 1
May 23 2009 2:34PM
*jenny-fur* shut the **** up i bet your b**** ass wont fight anyone cause u a ***** ass b**** stop ****ing conplaining and do something about it
Apr 15 2009 11:40PM
okay number one, deathnotelover....creepy. and two, i don't really care. so yeah, i have a complaint. your a retard. and you aint gone fight me cause you don't even know me. you can't do nothing about it.
Apr 10 2009 4:14PM
**** u all asses. if u have no cheats, dont put "none" like a stray b****. k? it is so pissing me off. any complaints? fight me.
Apr 4 2009 12:52PM
no cheats
Mar 31 2009 12:23PM
none none none none none none none none