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Jan 18 2012 1:29AM
headshots ar usualy an instant win dont shot at exactly a 90 degree angle
Jun 20 2011 7:06AM
**** this game get a live
Nov 15 2010 7:40AM
This cheat did the trick --
Nov 15 2010 6:33AM
This trick did the job
Jul 15 2010 11:42AM
I Got the guy dead in 2 shots you start at 31 too 100 my score was hudge hahahaa
Jul 14 2010 9:43PM
ok, only against computer just tried human didnt work.
Jul 14 2010 9:41PM
Ok this is not a joke if u say it is ur a faggot.Anyway the real cheat is 15,97.Try it, its very easy you hit him everytime.You can do this vs human and computer good luck with my cheat i swear to god it works.
Jun 26 2010 12:36AM
Just hump somebody. That's Gay!!!!!
Jun 26 2010 12:35AM
Are You gay cutiegirl9?
Feb 27 2010 9:47AM
Feb 26 2010 4:22PM
y even play this gay game it suckz
Feb 26 2010 10:51AM
so eh not true cheats i tried them shooting behind them doesnt freakin work!
Dec 11 2009 11:59PM
vs the computer shoot the other way then get them from behind
Dec 11 2009 11:58PM
in the bird shooting when theres a bird on top of one shoot threw both of them
Nov 14 2009 3:03PM
the trick is to let them hit you then use their power and acuracy numbers to hit them wherever they hit you
Nov 14 2009 2:48PM
14 90
Jun 17 2009 11:52AM
then u just win this fuking game
May 4 2009 4:24PM
there are not any