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Dec 24 2011 3:23PM
lol epic bloodyness
Sep 25 2011 5:27PM
ok so you click the coffe on then click the top box on the top floor ( a soccer ball will come out and knock the cabinet oiver then click on the far left man on the top floor he will run over when he grabs the cabinet click on the window it will kill all three workers. then make sure you clcik on the red button on the middle floor before the man comes back form drinkin the hot coffe. he will slip and die. then the man in the yello hard hat slips and falls in the elevator when he falls and the gurad goes to the elevator click on the sencond floor fire ex. when it drops quick click on the phone on the desk then the bottom right corner on the partion this this will cause a piece to fall and hit the windown and the stick in the chair will look at the window then click the wheels on the chair and he will die thats all of them.
Sep 25 2011 12:07PM
how do i kill the guard?
Sep 22 2011 6:29PM
Sep 11 2011 11:14AM
what the hell ?
Sep 10 2011 1:18PM
avennah thanks but how do you kill every one on the FIRST FLOOR?
Aug 31 2011 10:29AM
no prob
Aug 18 2011 5:34PM
thanks, Avennah! i dont know why people hate u so much. ur actually helpful unlike everyone else who kept mocking u
Jul 24 2011 4:46PM
to kill the guys on the top floor, first click the open window then click the boxes the second you click the boxes, click the guy digging in the box. HAPPY TO HELP!