Justin Bieber Saw Game

by Inkagames
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Jun 23 2011 2:46PM
mya girl143

wen u get pass the mcdonalds part the cards r on the second row and the second card
Jun 20 2011 9:31PM

get the cards
Jun 13 2011 4:18PM

to get past the McDonald's part u have to combine the rope and the hook, use the grappling hook to take the McDonald's M down, Take the straw out of the drink, put the marble in the straw, click the M and put it right under the hole, then getup on the M and take your straw and shoot it through the hole.
Jun 13 2011 12:22PM

looking at the cheats are useless. . .
Jun 12 2011 1:59PM

Jun 11 2011 3:24PM

help with mcdonalds
Jun 11 2011 2:43PM
Brianna simms

once you get to the chuck norris part u have to use the umbrella and the talk to him and ask him if he ever shave's his beard and the jump trought
the wall ill be back later for more
Jun 11 2011 11:16AM

heeey if you need help with the spider part grab the glue and the umbrella in the first room. in the next room there is a spider. put the glue on the floor quick. hoped i helped. ima put more cheats to beat the game. catch you later.
Jun 11 2011 8:41AM

idk i just need help someone put up how to beat the game plz!
Jun 10 2011 3:19PM
justins girl<3

i dont have any cheats soooo i need help becuz that walkthrough video did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
Jun 10 2011 9:53AM

i did nothing happened jerk
Jun 10 2011 9:41AM

press ctrl+alt+delete

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