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Jul 4 2012 11:16AM
seriously stop spamming some people want to get cheats for the game but oh.. SPAM EVERYWHERE ITS FAKE OKAY YOU WILL NOT BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST FRIDAY!!!!!!
Feb 16 2012 6:49PM
normal people are angry but i am happy!
make 50 tacos and get $5 (in tips)
send XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX to your date on valentines day then be a level 40!
Dec 27 2011 3:34PM
what the heck is with all this stupid spam!? These should be deleted! Why doesnt this site have administrators
Dec 4 2011 4:28PM
bomber that is sooooooooo true
Nov 11 2011 3:16PM
When you get those critic guys, mess up there orders 'cause they will hate your tacos anyway no matter what. ;D
Aug 19 2011 10:37PM
you suckers
Aug 15 2011 10:37PM
idiots putain
Aug 15 2011 3:21AM
wow yall fags and really mammajamul ur such a ****ing dumb ass who dyes there hair with sweet tarts. y dont u dye it with koolaid u ****ing black ass nigga
May 30 2011 12:17PM
hu gorve is my first last and middle name!!!
May 30 2011 12:16PM
utman: (^^^)
May 30 2011 12:13PM
yesterday i tried to dye my hair with sweet tarts!! im about to go see if it worked!!! oh i dont know any cheats i just couldn't find out how to put a comment!!!! lol...