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Aug 10 2013 8:42AM
first drink all coffe then aim for the middle and hit left click as fast as you can and you rack up money
Jul 15 2011 4:32PM
omggg! whoever is reading this dont worry about hitting your fingers hit your face instead <33 it will make my day so gayy!
Feb 7 2011 6:05PM
double click when you hit the nail
Oct 31 2010 2:58PM
i made my hand completely purple
Oct 24 2010 8:52PM
just make a hole in his hand.
Aug 10 2010 3:00PM
There might be cheats you retards. No one kows for sure maybe everyone is too dumb to figure it out, or have lifes. People playing this game, you do have life, it's just fun to do when you're bored, geez. I think all the hate comments like Devistation 2012 need to get a life..You're the one who's freaking wasting your time. Don't say I am, cause I'm bored and have nothing else to do. Just thought I might point that out.
Jul 21 2010 2:13PM
i dont get the f**kiing point of this s**ty @$$ game f**k the game F**k the creator this suck donkey d**k
Jun 18 2010 6:49PM
the cheat is get a life u morons
Apr 25 2010 10:54PM
Type: Absolutely Hammered Pro 2010

OR (does the same cheat

Type: Alt+F4
Apr 24 2010 9:08PM
all of u r fd up THERE R NO CHEATS!!!!!
Jan 20 2010 7:05PM
Dec 30 2009 7:57PM
if u type "hammer pro 1967" u get the clock stops it starts back up if u slam ur hand 5 times withthe hammer
Dec 29 2009 8:39PM
keep hitting his hand and it will turn purple(from bruises of course).
Dec 23 2009 11:36AM
x out your computer screen and you win the hole game plus you get 200000000000000 dollars that is a good deal
Nov 15 2009 4:26PM
JACKBOI111 ur retarded den cuz u came here, too!

oh and like get da right position on da hammer and just keep hitting there and dont' move da mouse
Sep 16 2009 6:19PM
If you hit his hamd enof in one spot it becomes see through
Aug 9 2009 8:29PM
im srry theres no cheats all u do is lose ur ass off who eva made this game u will neva be added
Jul 25 2009 1:08PM
... mos retarted game ever......
Jul 7 2009 10:23PM
May 28 2009 10:31AM
its funny when hit hand
May 23 2009 11:47AM
click to hit the hammer
May 15 2009 10:21PM
kiss my but prankers this was a waste of time
May 3 2009 2:56PM
the controls are reversed
Apr 18 2009 12:06PM
if u need heats ur like retarded
Apr 3 2009 9:28PM
Mar 28 2009 12:05AM
Mar 24 2009 12:24PM
Mar 20 2009 10:32PM
f*** this game thanks cullencrazay9 it worked
Mar 12 2009 7:28AM
y dont you!!!!!!!
Mar 10 2009 5:23PM
you guys are despret GET A LIFE