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Nov 25 2015 7:17PM
Ways to Win:
(Legal Ending): Click on the cell phone, then click on the bag.
(Sneaky Ending): Click on the file, file the door, then tap the red arrows that say "tap" when they say so to knock out the police. When in the closet, DO NOT CLICK THE GRENADE BELT. This will backfire and kill you. Click on the chair. Then click right. You'll end up on the roof. DO NOT click the parachute, it's just a backpack. DO NOT click the jet pack, it doesn't work. DO NOT click the rope, you end up in the street and get hit by a car. Click on the plungers.
(Badass Way): Click the drill, then the crowbar. When being chased, click the arrow that will guide you left, toward the screen. Then click the up button. You'll flip over the officer and wind up face to face with a circle of officers. When it says "get ready", click the screen like crazy. You'll duck all the shots, and scare the officers. Then you walk out (like a badass), get in a police car and drive off.

Ways to Fail:
1. Click the rocket launcher. It will backfire and hit you in the face.
2. File the window.
3. Use the NRG drink. You'll get out of the building, but then you'll die.
4. Teleport. You'll land up in the desert where police are target practicing, but you'll be standing in front of the target and get shot by accident.
5. Click the cell phone, then click anything except the bag.
6. Click the drill, click the opacitator. You'll be able to go through solid surfaces... but you won't be able to stop and you'll wind up going into the Earth's core.
7. Click the drill, then the crowbar. When being chased, don't click either way. You'll get shot.
8. Click the drill, click the crowbar. When being chased, click the left arrow toward the pairs of doors. You'll run straight into a column.
9. Click the file, file the door, then click the red arrows to knock out the officers. When in the closet, click the grenade belt. When you throw it, it'll bounce off the wall and roll back into the room before you shut the door. Then it will blow up.
10. Click the file, click the door. Click the arrows to knock out the officers. When in the closet, click the chair. Then click left. You'll fall into a room where officers are around a table, talking. Either don't move, and they'll get you. Or you can click the plate of donuts by the coffee pot on the other table, but the officers will still get you.
Apr 10 2015 6:20PM
during the mini intro movie type in fagbag you will get a shower mission
May 29 2013 5:03PM
For another ending, click on the drill, click the arrow going down, and click the arrow pointing towards the wall. When "Get ready" appears, click as fast as you can until the cops are scared of you. Oh and a word of advice, DO NOT click on the NrG drink, teleporter, or rocket launcher in the beginning.
May 29 2013 4:53PM
Click on the file then click on the cell door. CIick the warning arrows as soon as they show up. When you get inside the closet, click on the chair and go right. Lastly, click on the plungers.
Aug 30 2012 2:04PM
May 2 2012 7:03PM
*Badass ending V
May 2 2012 7:03PM
sneaky ending V
May 2 2012 7:03PM
Drill, crowbar, Down, Left, Click continuously when it says "Get ready" So u will click on the right time.
May 2 2012 7:00PM
|..__________ __________, , )
/ `---___________---- _____|] ░▒▓▓D
/_==o;;;;;;;;__ _____.:/
..), ---.(_(__) /
..// (..) ), ----"
Apr 8 2012 9:25AM
dont die
Nov 10 2011 3:22PM
file the door then get into the room with the chair and grenades use chair and go right click plungers ... and YOU WON!!!!!
Nov 1 2011 3:18PM
tiffy123 stop spamming. No one will fault for that. -_-
Aug 19 2011 3:06PM
legal ending is confusing...just click a cellphone and tha bag
Aug 13 2011 9:44AM
sorry i meant click all three dounuts
Aug 12 2011 8:21PM
1.file door get to room whith the chair and gernades
2.go LEFT
3.fall click plate whith donghts on it its nexts to the coffe maker
4.click it 2 times
Jul 11 2011 12:27AM
ok, effies, toast 123, bugbug, and rayi, stfu. This is a way to help someone in the game, not being a noob and believing that **** will work
Jul 11 2011 12:24AM
when you click the nail file thing, click to the left and then to the right, as soon as u see a red arrow. Then click on chair, then click right, then click plungers, and u haz escaped
Jun 28 2011 10:27AM
i finally won the badazz way
Jun 22 2011 7:15PM
When you drink the NG thingy migigy click the nugget
May 31 2011 7:08PM
when u click the cell fone and u r in court, click the bag!!!
May 30 2011 8:03PM
snoop dogg
Mar 17 2011 5:49PM
this game is easy pick the phone and pick the bag k
Mar 10 2011 12:20PM
click on the cell phone click on the bag click present
Mar 8 2011 6:17PM
go to phone go to tube use plungers climb down to freedom
Feb 22 2011 5:42PM
41st cheat submitted!!!!
Feb 22 2011 5:41PM
1st way: Get file, click cell door, click right, click left, click chair, click right, click plungers.

2nd way: Click cell phone, click bag, click present,

3rd way: Click drill, click crowbar, click down, click straight, click dude that pops up,
Feb 20 2011 6:10PM
Feb 20 2011 6:10PM
121 comment!
Jan 25 2011 4:54PM
**** this got damgame itz easy
Dec 28 2010 11:00AM
use cellphone then pick the bag with the money sign on it
Dec 26 2010 9:03PM
Dec 25 2010 10:38PM
there is also to:
click da file
press left a bunch of times and right a way and then do the same after that only click to the righ
click da chair
choose right
choose da plungers
home sweet home!!!! XD
Dec 17 2010 3:21PM
click left arrow
click straight arrow
click right after it says go
YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!=YAY
Dec 12 2010 10:05AM
Lol Fail on jetpack
Dec 11 2010 10:05AM
Easy. 3 ways.
Dec 7 2010 5:14PM
Nov 28 2010 11:13AM
bestt fn game ever
Nov 28 2010 11:10AM
file , left side click, right side click,chair,plunggers
Nov 28 2010 11:08AM
Nov 26 2010 7:16PM
awesome games
Nov 26 2010 7:12PM
is none
Nov 22 2010 7:56PM

Drill, Crowbar, right click, straight click to climb the wall, it will say get ready. the second it says click CLICK OR U DIEEEEEEE
Oct 31 2010 1:38PM
if you get all of them right and all the ways to get points you get ANOTHER cake and it's hared when youdo 1 cake then aother ten another!!!
Oct 25 2010 9:11PM
Oct 25 2010 9:10PM
File- Door -Chair- Right Way- Plungers- THERE YA HAPPY?!
Oct 9 2010 10:01PM
go to court and choose the bag
Oct 5 2010 8:46PM
alt f4 makes u get a life and GET A JOB
Jul 21 2010 9:58AM
use the drill, then use the crowbar, then there will be 2 officers , they will be chasing u,turn left when the green arrows show up, then click the arrow that is pointing to the wall you do that thing where u walk up the wall. then a bunch of officers surround u and point their guns at you.there is a officer garding the door when it says get ready or something and hes on the screen you click rapidily then you dodge all the bullets then the officers are scared of ya and ya simpily walk out .then you get in the police car and you drive away. the the escape name was badass escape. email me!!!!!!!! it's oyler02@gmail.com!!!!! peace!!!
Jul 21 2010 9:33AM
actually 3
Jul 21 2010 9:19AM
if u need a cheat u r nerdy it's simple just FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!HINT 2 ways to play
Jul 20 2010 4:00PM
Its accually very easy. just try everyway. But they 2 ONLY ways you can win is to...
1:Click on the cellphone then present the money bag.
2:Use the file to file open the cell DOOR. Then quickly keep clicking the left side of the game screen(you'll see why) then quickly press on the right side. If you get passed those guards, use the chair then go right. DON'T use the parachute. Its just a plain old bag. The rope makes you burn your hand, fall off, and get hit by a car. With the rocket, you just crash back into your cell. The plungers make you get a succesful getaway. All the other ways are hilarious, BUT you epicly fail. PEACE!!
Jul 15 2010 3:38PM
you win
its that easy
Jun 23 2010 10:07PM
2 ways the cellphone then click the bag and click the file use the chair go left then use the plugers
Jun 1 2010 3:33PM
easy ending first click the cellphone as evidence click the bag
May 24 2010 8:18PM
Apr 28 2010 6:50PM
Badass ending: Drill, Crowbar, click the down arrow, click the left arrow, and when it says get ready, get ready to click. The word CLICK! will show up. Quickly click or you will lose.

Sneaky Ending: Use the file, click the red arrows when they show up, click the chair and go right. Once you are on the top, click the plungers.

Lame Ending: Click the cell phone. When you are in the courtroom and are asked to show the evidence, click the bag with the $ on it.

Apr 25 2010 4:01PM
Ending 1 easy:File, Cell Door, click the exclamation marks, chair, right, plunger

Ending 2 Hard drill, crowbar, down, left, click

Ending 3 SUPER EASY phone, moneybag, present

add me if this helped!!!

Apr 25 2010 2:26PM
1 file
2 door
3 click
4 chair
5 right
6 plungers
Apr 24 2010 6:12PM
all you do is click on the cellphone then when they want evidence you click on the bag and then you have concured the game
Apr 21 2010 8:37PM
first, drill
next, run
next, push up
next, get REALLY ready
then click wen it says
then watch very funny ebding >
Apr 18 2010 11:29PM
ending 3: phone, money bag
Apr 17 2010 11:23PM
Ending 1 easy:File, Cell Door, click the exclamation marks, chair, right, plunger

Ending 2 Hardrill, crowbar down, left, click

Apr 17 2010 2:59PM
press the drill
Apr 17 2010 11:36AM
don't click the rocket launcher it will kill yourself
Apr 17 2010 9:22AM
always click the rocket launcher