Plazma Burst

by Sibitrix
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Jul 17 2012 6:12PM
jackie love

get the robot armor and the tazer and u will have all the levels done and un locked
Mar 26 2011 6:41PM
swagger dude

Dec 23 2010 9:52AM

May 28 2010 4:02PM

hit ~ (without shift) and type in morehp (hp) and put in moreall (100 grenades) ps when you do the morehp the less armor the more hp
May 27 2010 4:59PM

to beat LV 16, let the gaint robot attack your partner, then close the door on it. the ndrag your partner with E
May 23 2010 8:03PM

anyone know how to get past LV 16?
Feb 22 2010 2:58PM

Dec 24 2009 7:39PM

Type in ~ then moreall, gives you more grenades and ****
Dec 21 2009 8:00PM

jump to the ceiling when there is someone abouve you and shoot then they will get shot through the floor.
Dec 19 2009 11:29PM

big bang: this will make it so that you can jus skip through parts of levels (must be a level w/ open roof areas)
1. look straight down
2. press q in the opposite direction of the way you want to go
3. When or if you land, try to land next to a hp thing or else you will die very quickly!!!!!!!!!
Dec 19 2009 9:21PM

the game lies to you!
a hs isn't the easiest way to kill

use the taser!!!! (press 1)
Nov 20 2009 10:35AM

Oct 25 2009 3:18PM

Aug 24 2009 7:14PM

benny.. the first pistole cant break the canister
Jun 23 2009 4:31PM

shoot the first blue canister on the first level with a pistol and if you don't lose any life then the cheat has worked. this will give you invinsibility for the whole game!!! believe me its worth it when your against the tough guys!!
Jun 22 2009 11:28AM
skate br freak2

hiy this button ~ and then type in morehp and dont upgrade your armor the les armor the more health. no armor and it gives you 20,000 health

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