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Aug 18 2015 7:12PM
don't get hit
Aug 12 2015 10:35AM
Aug 2 2014 11:42PM
*TJ-MAN, your cheat dosen't work at me
Aug 1 2014 11:23PM
What the cheats!
Sep 17 2011 10:38AM
Jul 19 2011 4:54AM
prees F5 at the beging of the game you get evrything even big cat
Jul 19 2011 4:43AM
Apr 21 2011 6:17PM
THIS CHEAT WORKS!!!: click start game, then click main game, then press alt and f4 at the same time, u get EVERYTHING!!!!!
Apr 9 2011 11:11PM
595313131313131 shadow and amy
Nov 15 2010 6:43AM
This cheat worked for me -- bit.ly/MGFhacks
Nov 15 2010 6:25AM
Nov 11 2010 9:57PM
595313131313131 i nevered tried it out
Aug 22 2010 6:12PM
How to unlock Shadow and Amy, this is the code 595313131313131!!!!!
Aug 13 2010 11:13AM
595313131313131 for all players! including all levals too!
Jul 15 2010 9:18AM
595313131313131 019010101010101
Jul 10 2010 10:12PM
Jul 8 2010 2:02AM
wats the cheat code were u make tails fallow you
Jun 28 2010 2:44PM
595313131313131 Use this password code to get all the players, Shadow is the best!
May 23 2010 6:43PM
to unlock big the cat and espio the chameleon,you have to
beat the game with each character including amy and shadow
at least 10 times each! then you type this in 220948675830444930
49302930482905829034839208401 in the password bar
then you beat the game once more with sonic and tails a.k.a
''best buds''. and ther you go!
NOTES:espio and big can not do spin balls in general
and if you do either one they leap foreward or just jump.
press the space bar 2 times and espio dissapears for a short time
and big flies for 5 seconds and then glides all with his umbrella!
May 23 2010 6:05PM
once you unlock the cheat ''big cheese'',select cream with the cheat
activated,fly until she's tired and watch the porn! lol
May 20 2010 3:32PM
how do u get shadow again?
Mar 26 2010 11:48PM
Mar 26 2010 11:48PM
Feb 21 2010 12:28AM
595313131313131 cheat doesn't work!!!
Jan 30 2010 7:40PM
on act 1 on the begining of the game when you go into the first hole when you atomaticaly go to dash mode,jump right at the time befor u enter(at the right time)to become invisible!!!(glich)
Jan 15 2010 9:19PM
Jan 15 2010 9:15PM
Fianly chet codes ****
Dec 21 2009 5:14PM
Nov 29 2009 6:04PM
SELECT CREAM,right click,hit play then rewind,continue to the charactor select,choose anytone, and the person will have a chao!!!!!
Nov 29 2009 10:27AM
it suck all the cheat but not shodows cheat
Nov 11 2009 12:33AM
@$$ hole $#!* i cut of my finger .....hitler must die
May 23 2009 5:55PM
May 18 2009 6:47PM
what the **** is with that bobbylight?
Mar 28 2009 4:43PM
Mar 22 2009 1:56AM
Jan 31 2009 9:36PM
Jan 19 2009 4:39PM
tails can fly!!!!
Jan 17 2009 2:09PM
ok then THE TAILS CHEAT DOES: IT WILL MAKE TAILS FOLLOW YOU (does not work with tails)
Jan 17 2009 2:07PM
beat the game with TAILS to unlock a NEW CHEAT it does: ?????i dont want to spoil it???????
Jan 11 2009 4:00PM
who gives a damm on how the **** sonic used 2 run in a different game don't u have something els 2 talk about? GOD
Dec 23 2008 7:13PM
595313131313131 it has amy,shadow,big chese,enables you to hide in the backround scenery,sonic-run 2,& tales will follow you if you want him to
Dec 20 2008 12:47PM
new cheat sonic-run 2 works only with sonic
Dec 19 2008 7:15PM
Dec 19 2008 7:13PM
sonics run 2 is done only works with sonic
Dec 19 2008 7:12PM
sonics run game only works with sonic