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Nov 15 2010 6:43AM
This cheat worked for me --
Nov 15 2010 6:25AM
Feb 17 2010 11:19PM
ok go wokko wokko all over the place ask politly to the ghost to stop and pacman will die the reason why . . . no one knows . . . i dont know . . . so you go find out
Jan 11 2010 3:38PM
use ur common sense.....this game isnt tht hard lol
May 17 2009 10:13AM
go crap every so offten, then your mind will be clear and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16 2009 7:54AM
u lot r f-ckin cheeta ¬!
Apr 22 2009 4:08PM
DONT DO ALT F 4 it will close your browser
Apr 18 2009 4:56PM
alt f4 and every dot will be big!
Apr 16 2009 10:49AM
when a ghost gets ready to come out of the middle box go after the ghost and let its head barely touch pac-man you will still be alive.
Mar 17 2009 1:09AM
When you get the big dots keep on collecting the little dots, when it is almost done go to the other dot and use it and keep on doing that.
Mar 6 2009 7:39PM
yes, but if you eat the ghosts, you get more points
Mar 6 2009 10:16AM
Don't try to eat the ghosts when there blue.Instead,use the time to eat the other dots and pellets.That makes the game easy
Feb 27 2009 6:50PM
move fast
Feb 25 2009 2:35PM
Feb 19 2009 2:34PM
the orange one named sue (IDK thats what the ghost is called in the real one) is so frekin retarded if you go heading straight at her she might run away also the red and pink one always team up if you get traped by the red one there comes pinky ok
Feb 17 2009 3:16PM
Feb 14 2009 10:46AM
no cheats
Feb 3 2009 5:38PM
aaww im sad now i though there were cheats =(
Jan 11 2009 4:19PM
there are no cheats to the game just concentrate
Jan 6 2009 7:34PM
say shut up ghost
Dec 24 2008 4:58PM
go crap every so offten, then your mind will be clear and ready to go!!!!!!!