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Apr 10 2015 6:15PM
type in (at the scene with the two guys after the bum scene) Burner. you will get a chainsaw revving noise and you will have a stockpile of new weapons and choices! New Ray pt 1 cheat leaked for the first time!!! no bull!
Jul 19 2012 6:46PM
type in: ray2 revenge! and tell me if it works
Jun 22 2012 3:19PM
Apr 15 2011 12:14AM
I have tryed to type in blaster but I can't. Y?
Mar 27 2011 4:16PM
when hes near the hobo click and type fagtard and a extra thing will pop on the screen you will get to go to a strip joint
Dec 23 2010 6:43PM
when the guy come don't jump off the stairs shot him
Oct 10 2010 7:21PM
Jun 25 2010 10:19AM
Jan 28 2010 3:08PM
wile at last part [ray cleaning his gun] left click then type in ''blaster'' youll get a secret ray video
Oct 17 2009 9:18AM
just pick 8-12
Oct 2 2009 10:25PM
this game is fun
Jul 25 2009 9:31AM
at the end the best rank is 8-12
Jun 13 2009 8:38PM
untill you press continue
Jun 13 2009 8:38PM
if you beat the motocycle dude with his helment ray wouldnt stop beating the dude
May 30 2009 9:47AM
kill everyone and thing in sight
Apr 18 2009 8:56PM
Feb 22 2009 11:20AM
do every thing to kill
Jan 18 2009 8:22AM
Jan 15 2009 2:41PM
wile at hobo type akdfges then a gunshot will sound you will get more choices