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Aug 29 2014 12:20PM
how to unlock bowser do skip cheat in mario combat and super mario world 2. beat bowser without getting hit. in the character select screen instead of luigi you will see bowser. now you can hit enemeis with fire. to atackk press space.
Aug 8 2014 10:20AM
when you prees down on the cheat menu cheat press spacebar at the same time as down
Aug 8 2014 10:11AM
cheat menu press up then press down when you jump. you can have all the cheats you want.
May 11 2014 12:31AM
Piece* Stupids -.-
Oct 4 2013 2:56PM
Dec 24 2010 4:59PM
stickmen101 shut up peace of s***
Nov 7 2010 3:30PM
This game sucks peace of ****!
Aug 3 2010 3:11PM
Start the first level and right click press play and you will skip to the next level keep on doing it until the last level then complete the last level I tried it myself and it really works!! No lie!!! Trust me!
Mar 7 2010 9:03PM
rite click and keep pressing forward until you get to the last level. then play the last level and you win. If you go forward to much press rewind
Feb 22 2010 7:30PM
go really fast jump and press down wen u hit the ground 2 be small until u jump
Sep 18 2009 11:11PM
Sep 18 2009 11:10PM
) :-{}
Sep 18 2009 11:09PM
right click at play :-\
Jun 13 2009 7:51PM
also right click and hit forward and you'll beat the game instantly
Jun 13 2009 7:50PM
after you do the comment below, do it again and again to get to bowsers in like 10 seconds
Mar 25 2009 7:59AM
right click and press play