Bush Shoot-Out

by Miniclip
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Dec 16 2011 3:25PM

fast fire
Apr 11 2011 1:45PM

bmxhughes99 lol u failed i was first to post it
Dec 25 2010 10:31PM

Unlimited health
At the level selection screen, you will see Bush. Select his belt (star), and you will be prompted for invincibility. Answer "Yes" and he will change a different color in the level selection screen.
Nov 29 2009 8:33PM

invincibility: goto the main title screen where bush is standing holding with a gun then click on his belt in the middle then it will ask you if you want invinciblity?select yes and boom!there you go !
Mar 31 2009 12:17PM

kill everone without getting hit and you will win a bounes
Mar 6 2009 9:18PM

Level 1 ) *Not available*
Level 2 ) Rice
Level 3 ) Fountain

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