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Mar 26 2011 10:02PM
On Extreme , Just Press Z+1 And It AutoMatically Says You Win ! : ) . . .
Feb 11 2010 5:04PM
Feb 11 2010 5:04PM
i like this game i am on the 20th level im smartical like that sonn
Feb 9 2010 5:10AM
this is a stupid cheat : play it easy lol
Nov 30 2009 9:11PM
jus dont play an u will win l0lz
Oct 1 2009 7:55PM
i let him do all the movies and i lost and he didnt jump any of my pieces
Sep 19 2009 11:20PM
i tried to just let him do all the moves and then it said i lost
Jun 7 2009 8:36PM
in extreme dont do anything and it will be a draw (duh)
Apr 15 2009 9:01AM
f**k u
Apr 10 2009 1:08AM
on extreme you can move more than once
Mar 30 2009 11:32PM
ha, i tried that thing about let the computer do all his moves and it just randomly popped up and said i lost. so idt that works too good.
Feb 17 2009 8:19PM
bubble butt
Dec 24 2008 1:02PM
do extreme mode and put it on lvl 20. let the cpu do all his moves. when he stops moving pieces u will know he iz done. think carrefully and move only one at a time or u can move quickly buy doing it quick is hard. i moved 4 pieces one at a time and i won!! i did it on my 1st try. it might take u a couple tries though! im sorry if this duznt work but it worked for me!!
Dec 21 2008 2:09AM