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Dad 'n Me

by SYNJ Industries- Like father like son

Dad 'n Me Description

Act like the real bully that you are and show your badass father how similar you two are! Let your inner beast take over and roam about in the town like a real savage. As soon as your dad drops you off at the children’s park, you need to get to the violent action to terrorize the community. Your mission is to reach the other part of the town where your evil dad is waiting for you. To win the terror game, you get to use a lethal combination of attacks.

 You will come across so many geeks, creeps and nerds and the wannabe studs, bash them all to make a victorious way through them. How will you get to do this? With the insanely cool combos, you get to attack using different keys. You must keep hitting the kids while you are on the move. Your dad is waiting for you at the other end of the town. Your dad is a purple looking heathen, and this game is all about following his footsteps to earn his request.

The lethal combos are going to take you to him real soon. Have the winning streak? Try Dad n Me and see how the crazy, rowdy kid inside of you jumps out in no time!

How to tame this cool Dad n me game !

  • S: Strong Attack
  • A: Jab/Attack/Pick Up
  • Arrows: Move forward and backward
  • Press Q to toggle the quality
  • Pick the propane tanks that you will get in between and toss them in the air to blow things off! (Isn’t that nasty?)

You have to bash your way through the previously peaceful setting.

What all you get to destroy in Dad n Me :

  • Sand Castles
  • The community
  • Children and other bully’s

How to play?

A very simple control scheme will make the fight easy and quick for you.

  • To Jab use A key
  • Strong= S key
  • To move around= Arrow keys

Smart Hacks

  • Beware of the kids who are prepared to fight you back with their red protective helmet, toy gun, and a getaway vehicle. They will actively try to defend themselves and attack you.
  • The more you get hit, more are the chances that you will die.
  • When other people attack you, then you will die of your rage, as it will make you explode.

Play on! It is your time to be brutal and make your evil dad proud.

Dad 'n Me Walkthrough (click to view)
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