Asian Princess Magic Makeover Game Game Hacks

Asian Princess Magic Makeover Game: Tips, Tricks & Game Hacks

A makeover game for the girls who love all things glamorous. A refreshingly new game that and way too much different from the gory fighting games. No girl is ever too old to play dress-up so, if you still have that little girl inside of you then start playing this wonderful Asian Princess Magic Makeover Game. Try the refreshing look…

The Waitress Game Hacks

The Waitress: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

You are welcome to your new job where you must work as a waitress. It is a busy restaurant and your job is to serve the customers and not make any of them leave disappointed. You must take the order, serve them food, drinks and clean the table and then prepare yourself for the next customer. Be quick and take…

Super Mario Moto Game Hacks

Super Mario Moto: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

You are the cool Mario character of the mushroom world and you must race against time. Jump over the various obstacles that will come in your way without crashing, causing damage to your bike and hurting yourself. Skip over all the obstacles and jump over the obstacles without crashing. Keep driving through the hurdles and collect coins on the way….

SpongeBob SquarePants Game Hacks

SpongeBob SquarePants: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

Enter the aquatic world of SpongeBob and spend your day by performing a few odd jobs. Your entire day will be spent performing strange missions. Enter the ocean town of Bikini Bottom and perform tasks. You will also get to meet so many colorful characters of the town Bikini Bottom. Play the character of the joyful, happy SpongeBob SquarePants and…

Bush Shoot Game Hacks

Bush Shoot-Out: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

Terrorists are spread all over the most famous address in the US i.e. Washington DC- 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are stuck inside the White House.You have to take over the role of president Bush and save not only yourself but Condoleezza Rice. The security services provided to you have now been subdued…

Heli Attack 3 Action Games

Heli Attack 3- Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

A super fun shooting game. You are an elite commando and you have landed within the enemy lines and now your mission is to destroy the enemy forces. In the game Heli Attack 3, you will be constantly attacked by the helicopters in the sky. Try to survive the harsh circumstances and save yourself from the enemies you must destroy…

Papa’s Pizzeria Game Hacks

Papa’s Pizzeria: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

Roy, the young lad has taken over his dad’s job, who runs a pizzeria. As Roy’s dadLouise is out for some personal work and now it is the son’s duty to take orders, bake and top the pizzas. All the customers are waiting for the pizza in a queue, therefore,Roy musttake orders, prepare the pizza’s and satisfy the customers by…

Raft Wars 2 Game Hacks

Raft Wars 2: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

Raft Wars 2 is the sequel to wonderful game raft wars,so it is somewhat similar but with a different story. You have to make the water park go out of business and why so? Because someone has built a water park on the buried treasure. Winning back the treasure won’t be a cake walk as you have to overthrow the…

Dad n Me Image Game Hacks

Dad n Me: Basic Details, Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks

Act like the real bully that you are and show your badass father how similar you two are! Let your inner beast take over and roam about in the town like a real savage.As soon as your dad drops you off at the children’s park, you need to get to the violent action to terrorize the community. Your mission is…