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Aug 11 2012 12:56AM
has anyone gotten passed the poster?
Apr 1 2012 5:57PM
cool but stupid
Jun 21 2010 12:27AM
Way to hard like 13 guys come at you at once its nuts and why is the dude kidnaped and the chick is gunning people down that no freaking sense
Jun 7 2010 9:52PM
Cool game but makes no sense. They go out for dinner then random people start shooting at you.
Nov 25 2009 1:57PM
Nice game I got up 2 the wanted poster then killed 2 guys then bang dead.
Aug 31 2009 9:11PM
this game is ****ing sick ass hell
Jun 8 2009 3:57PM
Dec 6 2008 8:58PM
is it me or am i the first one
Nov 24 2008 7:00PM
wow crazy hard for me but good game
Nov 7 2008 5:28PM
really cool game!!!! xd super better then part 2
Oct 30 2008 7:21PM
One of the coolest games on this site, real talk.
Jun 30 2008 9:55PM
kool game
Jun 28 2008 10:45AM
Cool game but pretty hard
Jun 10 2008 9:23PM
this is the best game ever.... the second one sucked!!!!!
Dec 17 2007 10:18AM
cool game
Oct 25 2007 10:50AM
sweet ****in game
Oct 14 2007 12:04AM
sooooooo cool and bloody and fun and sweet