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Dec 30 2012 6:45PM
this game is horrible
Aug 10 2012 5:09PM
it is so crapin stupid
Jan 16 2012 1:23PM
Ehh. Its an ok game. Its boring as could be, and it doesnt have any sound on it at ALL! Which it needs to have sound. So, as a result, I dont really like it.
Nov 2 2010 7:59PM
Aug 25 2010 4:33PM
Aug 2 2010 10:04PM
Ha, that "S" thing worked! i got 10,000,000 points! go me! )))
Feb 16 2010 11:12PM
hey yall just press the botton "S" it works!!!!!!!!!
i am so high oh by the way i am a girl with a vigina and boobs so shut up
Jan 20 2010 9:44PM
THIS GAME SUCK ITS OWN ****!! IT SUCKS!! anyone who agrees with me click on my name.... <3
Jan 20 2010 4:53PM
Cool, I like it
Dec 23 2009 8:36PM
man whats his problem??
Dec 10 2009 4:12PM
**** this it sucks
Nov 29 2009 4:58PM
this sucks the bike is way to big and u wipout when u fly a ramp sucks
Nov 24 2009 10:05PM
I took hip hop diva's advice. She was right. You just press "s" and it will say "level completed!".
Oct 18 2009 8:36PM
man all u cheaters r gay well great game nd since no one called it first comment!!
Aug 14 2009 9:22AM
my friend says its retarted 2 cheat
Aug 10 2009 1:24PM
i got 1000000000000000000 points
Aug 4 2009 4:52PM
all u do is press "s" and you win
Jul 30 2009 9:06PM
i got 10000000 points if u look at da time it willl say 00:00:00
Jul 25 2009 1:30PM
Jul 14 2009 12:17PM
i got 10000000
Jun 25 2009 9:10PM
its way to easy but its fun
Jun 11 2009 8:06AM
i got 999999 points. then again i cheated
Jun 4 2009 7:02PM
May 10 2009 12:33AM
this game is just like ice racer. this is soooo ****ing ass gay!!!
add me!
May 3 2009 9:38AM
this is SO GAY
Feb 2 2009 6:03PM
fuke this games .... any one add me except for the person who made this game haha
Jan 31 2009 6:14PM
this game is plain stupid.
Dec 5 2008 10:57PM
press s right wen the lvl star
Nov 25 2008 7:54AM
gay the levels keep repeting
Oct 27 2008 12:08AM
for this game there should be no life limit
but you could just press s to
Oct 21 2008 6:01PM
it works just press s i got 1000000
Oct 15 2008 7:58PM
i got 10000000
Sep 15 2008 2:21PM
d can get a bit booring 4/5
Sep 14 2008 9:51AM
its ok
Aug 28 2008 2:04PM
The Game Sucks Hard And Heres A Cheat: Keep On Pressing S
Aug 18 2008 12:29AM
tyvm cooldude
Aug 9 2008 2:34PM
keep on pressing s
Aug 8 2008 10:28PM
dude awesome cooldude
Aug 8 2008 2:56PM
cool all levels wiked
Jul 24 2008 7:30AM
Awesome game and thanks cooldude
Jul 19 2008 12:39AM
lol he's right press S on every level and u win instantly
Jun 27 2008 5:16PM
right as soon as you press start hit the s key on every level you will pass it and beat the game with 10,000,000 points ADD ME for more tips
Jun 16 2008 5:27PM
where the crap is the car
Jun 11 2008 9:08AM
May 24 2008 6:06PM
a very good game
May 13 2008 11:54PM
This game sucks!!!
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