Samurai Jack: Code of the Samurai

by Cartoon Network
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Aug 9 2017 12:46PM
The Irish Man

Thought I'd revisit this after season 5 wrapped up the series for good.
Oct 29 2010 6:14PM

i loved this show when i was litte and this game is ezy
Mar 19 2010 8:28AM

the show was gret but this game is ****ing hard as hell. i can't got pass akou. so akou can suck my bi fat ****.
Mar 19 2010 8:24AM

I agree weth ryan kenny59 CNwent to hell. i olny wach CN when ed edd eddy or KND and Courage the cowardly dog is on. but i do wach CN most of the time whan the simpsons are on fox
Feb 18 2010 6:04PM
Ryan Kenny59

One of the greatest show that was ever on CN but after 2004 CN went to hell by taking off Dexter than it got worse and worse. CN used to be my all time channle but now the shows on that channle are terible (Except [Adult Swim] that is my all time favorite part of the day) the only time i ever go to CN is when either Ed, Edd, and Eddy, or when Courage the cowardly dog is on. But luckly Boomerang has all of the great shows of the 60's-90's shows that i grew up with.
Jan 31 2010 3:55PM

this show rocked my socks off
Nov 14 2009 11:03PM

i miss this show when i was little it was the god of shows and games
Sep 26 2009 1:59PM

I remember watching this show a long time ago. I used the Skip Level cheat (Right Click > Settings > Right Click > Forward) to fight all the bosses,a bit intimidating.
Sep 11 2009 10:39PM

awww i member this show!
Aug 6 2009 4:40PM

the codes are: justice purity compassion courage valor and honar
Jul 7 2009 11:42PM
Lonesome Halo

i saw that this game is from cartoon network, for 5 year olds.
Jul 7 2009 6:11PM

gay thats all i have to say gay
Jun 25 2009 9:38AM

this game is gay
Feb 7 2009 4:25PM

Justice,purity,compassion,courage,valorand honor are the codes...YAY!!! have fun =}
Dec 28 2008 1:52PM

its a okay game but can get boring but the first level is easy
Nov 17 2008 3:33PM

cool!!! but not a game I will allways play.
Aug 15 2008 6:29PM

little awsome
Aug 14 2008 11:16AM

I don't like this game that much. I think the ideas for all the codes are good and thanks lil walt 7 for the codes. You can't even use the codes against the enemies because they attack to quickly so that's stupid so the only thing I like about it are the ideas for the codes otherwise this game sucks.
Aug 6 2008 11:44PM

Justice purity compassion courage honor valor are the codes
Aug 6 2008 9:54PM

need 2 or 3 more codes help
Jul 5 2008 4:10PM

is a fun game
Jun 20 2008 11:04AM

Need codes anyone know them?
May 4 2008 5:20PM
free faller34

fun game
Apr 29 2008 10:25PM

this is stupid
Mar 7 2008 5:09PM

what are the passwords? i have valor, courage, honor,

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