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Jul 17 2014 9:44PM
this is the best game EVER
Mar 26 2012 7:33PM
Aug 1 2011 4:37PM
this game rocks
Jun 15 2011 5:22PM
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
Mar 12 2011 2:17PM
Yo mama so fat when she asked for a water bed they put ablanket over the ocean
Feb 1 2011 3:52AM
this game is epic
Aug 12 2010 11:32AM
Jul 28 2010 6:45PM
Jul 11 2010 11:35PM
ha the cheats work kinda i disapeared and the other gu didnt know where to fire
Jul 11 2010 11:29PM
ha this game rocks i saved 500000 dollars and kicked everybodies ass
Jun 18 2010 4:42PM
this is so cool
Jun 17 2010 11:48PM
i love ths game
Apr 15 2010 5:33PM
me to
Mar 12 2010 12:52PM
Feb 8 2010 9:32PM
Feb 5 2010 7:06PM
this game is also on i played this every time we had indoor recess at school in 5th grade. in the mountians, if the wind is on my side, i say "its on my side like nationwide" with the same tune as "nationwide is on your side" (btw, yay i got 63rd comment)
add me
Jan 30 2010 12:55PM
Great Game.
Jan 26 2010 5:17PM
Jan 26 2010 5:17PM
htis game makes me say bad words
Jan 17 2010 2:07PM
Jan 6 2010 5:04PM
who the hell cares if ur 37th comment or 1st 2nd and 3rd comment u get nothin good out of it no one gives a dam
Jan 6 2010 5:01PM
its alright
Dec 28 2009 12:17AM
F--- you Taco Bell
Dec 21 2009 6:52PM
awesome!!!! love this game.
Nov 29 2009 5:11PM
Nov 29 2009 5:10PM
Nov 25 2009 9:56PM
Nov 21 2009 10:55PM
Nov 18 2009 10:46AM
Ryan Kenny59 is right dragonforce is queer
Nov 11 2009 4:01PM
THIS GAME ROX!!!!!!!!!
Nov 4 2009 12:36AM
any one plays gaia
Nov 1 2009 4:00PM
cool game gets boring after awhile 5/5
Nov 1 2009 1:18AM
This is mad fun with more players.

p.s. i don't like dragon force.. sorry
Aug 30 2009 5:04PM
good game and dragon force 4 ever do u like dragon force oh and try
Aug 16 2009 11:59AM
i picked 5 ppl and named them after ppl that i hate in real life! lqtm!!!!! add me
Aug 8 2009 4:20PM
fun game but gets boring after a while.
Jul 15 2009 11:31AM
wow i lost count at lvl 57 and i played for like 3 hours! my god id take any of you any day!
Jul 13 2009 8:20PM
wow that was gay lol i killed myself right when i teleport and i made a barrier before i killed myself the 2 tanks couldnt hit each other the bomb only went half way in air and blew up lol
Jul 5 2009 12:23AM
42ed comment
Jun 25 2009 10:14PM
This game is boring i love it cause i am a grumpy alter mann!
Jun 21 2009 4:37PM
hay.warior101 i could beat you at this game.I got to the 36 level and i
never died HA HA HA;]
Jun 4 2009 10:46PM
sucks ass my granny could beat it shes dead
Jun 4 2009 1:59PM
a great game but way to easy 37th comment
May 15 2009 7:03PM
i love this game i play it all the time at school (when the teachers not looking) we have like this huge tournment every day. i would give this game a 5 out of 5 !!!!!!!
Apr 2 2009 8:01PM
So simple
Mar 16 2009 10:12AM
hate this game
Mar 1 2009 8:43PM
i also know a glitch but its thanks to clay0do. ok right when you fire you bomb click the teleport thing, then right when your bomb lands and explodes click the teleport thing anywhere on the game and the enemy will shoot twice. love the game too 5/5, and thanks again clay0do
Jan 31 2009 7:22PM
this game rox
Jan 23 2009 5:39PM
Dec 31 2008 1:00PM
this game is freaken awsome!!!!!

- dulce
Dec 30 2008 11:14AM
i no a glitch!!! how to transport other players: ok so......when its ur turn, shoot anywhere (straight up,a little to the left or right for more time).then be fast and get the tranporter thing, then when weopen (bomb,missle, atom bomb,etc.) hits the ground tranport to a place u want person who goes next to go.!! but doing this may cause you to go invisable!! (i transported a guy onr my small atom
Dec 12 2008 6:23PM
Dec 7 2008 10:16AM
i also play club penguin and m
Nov 28 2008 11:55AM
i play club penguin to!! my na
Nov 17 2008 3:59PM
this is a cool game
Nov 9 2008 9:07PM
i play club penguin
Nov 7 2008 7:53PM
funnest game ever
Oct 19 2008 4:11PM
Oct 19 2008 4:11PM
hey im from club penguin
Sep 13 2008 2:46AM
anyone play club penguin?
Sep 13 2008 2:46AM
just kidding
Sep 13 2008 2:45AM
out of comments
Sep 13 2008 2:45AM
wow chick a wow wow chick a wow wow
Jun 29 2008 8:08PM
Jun 26 2008 10:26AM
that's kinda boring... i found a more fun version on this new site - tweegee dot com/ Games/ Play/ 62/ spider_force dot aspx

(ps if u wanna chk it out try one of these invites they sent me-
BA652815, 1D5D0F2A , 86BD8B2D, 9A9061EB, 46E907A7 )
May 30 2008 9:39PM
getz a little boring after a while but still pretty fun!
May 24 2008 10:18PM
cool!! 4/5
May 20 2008 9:22PM
thisis one of my FAVORITE game
May 11 2008 9:43PM
to easy i just buy small atom bombs for the fisrt round then atom bombs the rest
May 4 2008 6:13PM
This game **** out of this ****ing world! >:C
Apr 27 2008 7:24PM
this game is really fun
Apr 13 2008 4:56PM
gets boring after a while but fun
Jan 24 2008 12:31AM
This game owns.but only if it was online multiplayer that would be sweet
Dec 9 2007 3:02PM
if you say this game sucks you suck ****
Sep 8 2007 5:38PM
who plays runescape?
Jul 11 2007 4:16PM
its ok
Jul 3 2007 10:19PM
t-t-t-this g-g-g-g-game________SO FREAKING ASOME!!!!!!!!!!
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