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Jul 27 2018 9:38AM
This is actually a rather interesting game. I've had more honest fun playing this than almost any other game on this website.
Dec 18 2014 1:23PM
The only thing happy about this game is…YOU. When you’re playing it you just cant help but laugh at the insanity. After you get over the shock of blood and body parts that you certainly were not expecting from a title like “Happy Wheels”. Play on http://furg. net/happy-wheels/
Jan 27 2013 10:19PM
Meh its ok a bit over complicated for my liking ...
Jul 19 2012 2:14AM
eh....its ok I guess...But its really hard D: A little help please? :C
Jun 12 2012 12:46PM
do u know they us the sick cows two that is so nastey
May 11 2012 5:46PM
ek i hate mcdonalds but i love the french fryes! 6/10
Apr 25 2012 5:32PM
Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

Apr 25 2012 5:28PM
this is the worst game ever SUCKED I HATE IT

Apr 1 2012 10:53PM
my highest score is goin up to 2046
Mar 1 2012 6:25AM
gr8 game!!!
Dec 30 2011 3:11PM
i suck at this game i get fired so quickly
Nov 11 2011 3:29PM
Hate it, you can't even win. >
Jun 22 2011 10:12AM
this is a cool game!!!! if i culd i could play it all day!!!!! thank you for making this cool game!! i like it a lot!!!!
Jun 5 2011 8:15PM
if u notice the enviormentalist guys if u look at the picture the dude on the left... well look for urself !
May 28 2011 11:44AM
hi. what's up mc donald's
May 28 2011 11:42AM
May 14 2011 5:35PM
I made it to November 2027*
*personal best
May 14 2011 2:34AM
lool i only got up too 2008 september.. i need too beat that score
Mar 23 2011 4:43PM
i can never beat this this game!
Feb 25 2011 2:50PM
this game sucks. 1/5
Feb 5 2011 8:05PM
HAAA i read the tutorial twice but i still cant get it 1/5
Dec 12 2010 11:40AM
PS If u dont know how 2 play read the tutorial
Dec 12 2010 11:38AM
Come on! You just think its 2 hard! And the other half is just unhappy because thier making fun of your "Precious McDonalds".
Dec 3 2010 8:51PM
Nov 27 2010 12:09PM
December 2097. After that all my cows died, fastfood was stalled because there was no meat, and low soy. So I take it that I am the MASTER at this game lol. Good luck everyone, after a while it starts to get really hard.

Aug 27 2010 11:29PM
pause the game then buy 3 pasture by clicking the and create a pasture then buy 2 more pasture each pasture may have 1 cow then buy 1 soy field then go to the feedlot then click add hormones to the fodder go to fast food hire 1 grill men and 1 people at the register go to headquarters the corrupt a politician good luck
Aug 15 2010 2:46PM
i got to 2037
Aug 13 2010 12:58AM
Aug 11 2010 4:48PM
this game is ok
Aug 3 2010 1:39PM
i got to August 2086 beat that!!!! i am the master at this game i 'm serious i got to 2086 . if u say i 'm lying well i i am not LYING!!!!
Jul 22 2010 4:00PM
Jul 17 2010 8:01PM
Jul 15 2010 8:48PM
I got to December 2011. Add Me
Jun 21 2010 12:04PM
i got to november 2077 beat that!!!
Jun 14 2010 8:46PM
DIE!!! This game is the f***ing suck!!! The TRASH game 4ever!!!
Jun 1 2010 1:46PM
It keeps saying you bankrupted us. How do you play Add me
Apr 20 2010 8:43PM
I think its cool about 340/60. Its just cause its so hard to keep up with the game and you get fired real easy. But at the same time its really fun and challenging. idk I guess. But its an ALRIGHT game.
Apr 19 2010 7:57PM
this lik the worst game ever..... im bad at it...
Apr 8 2010 5:01PM
The game is to easy. and you can just leave the game for about ten minutes at a time and it will run it's self.

P.S can you actualy win?
Mar 31 2010 6:58PM



Mar 6 2010 2:40PM
I hate this game soooo much but it's soooo addicting!
Feb 1 2010 7:10PM
i am never playing this ****
Jan 27 2010 3:49AM
The tutorial tells the sad truth about ill treatment of animals & our environment so a huge corporation can keep making money & people in our fast paced society can have fast foods.

I hope you have more games that enlighten us about the practices of big business-like maybe one about Wal-Mart and another about Philip Morris.

Jan 24 2010 9:11PM
these type of games happen when companys mess with game creators
Jan 3 2010 3:28PM
i went bankruped quick
Dec 31 2009 10:08AM
I went bankrupt in 2023.
Dec 30 2009 5:54PM
The Greasy fastfood resteraunt went bankrupy! NO!!!
Dec 27 2009 9:42PM
I like the game, but its hard. 4/5
Dec 24 2009 12:38PM
ssssssooooo adicting!!
Dec 24 2009 10:33AM
i got to september 2021
Dec 22 2009 4:00PM
How do you play this!? I can never get it done. It always says I bank rupt the place!
Dec 18 2009 4:10PM
i hate it its soo dumb
Dec 13 2009 1:06PM
i got to winter of 2014
Dec 8 2009 7:50PM
wow i only got april 2004. they wouldnt take that food stuff.
Nov 3 2009 5:35PM
i really suc i only got to january of 2002
Nov 1 2009 4:16AM
pretty good. but i suck at it.
Oct 16 2009 11:46AM
really is awefull but i got to sept. 2025
Oct 12 2009 5:10AM
hahahahaahahhaha! the fat people ate me

~loves you <3~
Oct 11 2009 4:06PM
i got to october 2018
Sep 26 2009 2:23PM
Only got up to October 2004....
Sep 2 2009 7:30PM
sucks i hate it it drools
Aug 23 2009 10:29AM
this game sucks s*** this game is f****** hard i can't get past level1!
Aug 23 2009 10:29AM
this game sucks s*** this game is f****** hard i can get past level1!
Aug 14 2009 2:43AM
i hate this game!
Aug 12 2009 9:02PM
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Aug 12 2009 2:30PM
i am addicted to this too!
Aug 11 2009 8:45PM
i got up to level 2024.It was hard around 2010 but I did it.
Aug 7 2009 2:51PM
i hated it
Jul 22 2009 12:37PM
hated it
Jul 20 2009 3:07PM
i got up to 2010 it was hard but i did it!!!!! easy!
Jul 20 2009 2:39AM
i cant get past '04
Jul 19 2009 2:18PM
Jul 18 2009 8:25PM
Jul 18 2009 1:51PM
i got to december 2051 and it got boring. half way through i was on like -18000 but then got back up to like 111000 woooooooo
Jul 9 2009 9:15PM
pretty fun
Jul 5 2009 12:53PM
wat do u do wen the pasture with the cowsgets really bad and then they die??????
Jun 30 2009 12:33PM
im loven it!
Jun 30 2009 11:53AM
hard but addicting luv it
Jun 18 2009 9:11AM
i love it! i'm so addcited...i dont care that i can't make it past 2020 lol
Jun 17 2009 8:21PM
how do you empty rhe cistern?
Jun 14 2009 11:07PM
kinda hard
Jun 11 2009 2:11PM
this game is stupid
Jun 7 2009 11:32AM
May 29 2009 11:34AM
boring what a capital B
May 22 2009 7:13PM
It's alright if you like this kind of game...
May 9 2009 11:36AM
i got to 2032! but it got boring so i quit
May 3 2009 9:02AM
THe real name of the original non copied game is called burger tycoon play it at addictinggames .com
Apr 20 2009 8:36AM
i made it to 2040
Apr 19 2009 7:44PM
i made it to 2016.kinda hard
Apr 19 2009 7:20PM
this games awsome
Apr 14 2009 10:11AM
I made it to 2013. Easy, and you have to be good at strategy.
Apr 11 2009 3:32PM
Apr 6 2009 3:02PM
i made it to 2001 this game is hard,frustrating,and gay
Apr 5 2009 8:24AM
easy and fun game
and go to my profile or go to my youtube profile that is robzom963
Apr 5 2009 8:22AM
easy and fun game
Apr 1 2009 10:43PM
nvm made it to 2017
Apr 1 2009 10:28PM
i meat made it to 08
Apr 1 2009 10:28PM
made it yo 08
Mar 31 2009 8:41PM
dont no wat 2 do
Mar 23 2009 7:48PM
I made it to 2007
Mar 23 2009 7:41PM
I made it to 2002
Mar 19 2009 11:16AM
I made it to 2043 then I got bored and quit.
Mar 15 2009 8:30AM
i made it to 9
Mar 14 2009 12:17PM
I made it to 2006 yay. And if you want to get to 2006 you have to hire people in the front first and wait a few minuites and then hire the people in back, then you get alot of customers.
Mar 7 2009 12:09PM
Awesome!But,It gets boring after a while.
Feb 22 2009 1:01PM
omg guys it simple!!!!!!!!!
Feb 22 2009 12:59PM
i lasted till 2012 and when my cows pooped for a while there was all this yellow stuff appearing on the groung utill then then died casue of it!!!!!!!!
Feb 19 2009 6:11PM
yes indead its so hard!!!!!!! i got to 2005 WHOOAAAAAA
Feb 18 2009 5:31PM
i made them bankcrupted them 10 times

p.s. i don't know how to spell something up there ^ _ ^
Feb 12 2009 4:33PM
its cool but kinda difficult
Feb 7 2009 12:22AM
i dont get how to bucher the cows! or how to get them in the buchering room!
Feb 1 2009 11:43AM
diz game iz eazy
i made it to year 2039
Feb 1 2009 9:03AM
good, fun game but to easy to lose
Jan 31 2009 11:56AM
what kind of McD games cuss thats not for little kids who play this if there like1-10 they dont need to be reading or saying that neither should every bodt else butt we do
Jan 31 2009 10:52AM
Jan 28 2009 5:18PM
WTF This Is Gay Mc Donalds Is Rotten They Gave Me ****ing Food Poisining The Wee ****s
Jan 24 2009 9:36PM
this game pisses me off. especially the guy who takes care of the cows in the white apron who is never happy and when he is there is no cows being butchered so i loose money and then i get fired. then he makes this noise all the time... wahow wahow. SHUT THE **** UP!!!!
Jan 24 2009 9:32PM
i hate the dude that goes wahow wahow
Jan 22 2009 4:01PM
dude this game is easy!
Jan 11 2009 10:44AM
it wuz ok
Jan 3 2009 3:40PM
this sucks
Jan 3 2009 1:36PM
this games is hard
Dec 28 2008 10:03PM
I now made it to my farthest which is 2047
witha balance of -35000$
Dec 28 2008 9:13PM
i made it all the way to 2018
Dec 26 2008 6:00PM
i like it a lot!!!!!!
Dec 23 2008 12:08AM
Dang this game is hard.
Dec 22 2008 9:03PM
yeah i made it to 2064 dec
Dec 22 2008 9:02PM
u made it thru dec 2064
Dec 22 2008 3:40PM
made it thru August 2014
Dec 21 2008 3:51PM
Dec 16 2008 9:29PM
this is the greatest game ever
Dec 13 2008 11:17PM
i made it to 2021
Dec 13 2008 6:00PM
this is hard i only made it t
Dec 9 2008 5:31PM
w000t 80th comment w000000t
Dec 9 2008 5:30PM
Dec 9 2008 5:30PM
whoops not 3008 i meant 2008
Dec 9 2008 5:30PM
farthest ive made wuz october
Dec 7 2008 1:46AM
that game was bomb
Dec 6 2008 6:41PM
Lamo Shcamo!
Dec 1 2008 6:15PM
i hate this game but i got to
Nov 21 2008 8:01PM
Yay i got up to 2013!
Nov 17 2008 8:41PM
this game is the best but how do u win
Nov 11 2008 1:59PM
this game sucks bollss
Nov 9 2008 7:36PM
i cant win
Oct 29 2008 4:14PM
md is so disgusting i would never be caught dead eating there
Oct 26 2008 6:54PM
this game is confusing
Oct 19 2008 2:06PM
for those of u who are having troble pass at least the first year of game play here is a tip or two

tip1 : take it slow and take ur time making a choose between one thing or the other
tip2: make sure to buy off san jose for extra cow and soy space
tip3: make sure u have a balanced amount of cows and soy or ull lose money
tip4: be sure to advertise ur McDonalds or ppl will not come to u

other then those tips everything should come to mind so good luck

P.S. funfamjodi=1 no this game doesnt suck.....u do.....
Oct 18 2008 10:12AM
not very good
Oct 13 2008 12:31AM
this game is addicting but it is impossible
Oct 4 2008 1:38PM
I kept getting fired.
Sep 15 2008 5:45PM
burger king is way better than mcdonalds
Sep 13 2008 12:28AM
um.....thiz game iz takin 4ever 2 better be fun...
Aug 30 2008 4:19PM
Mc Donalds is already gross with all the fat so why did they make a stupid game?
Aug 23 2008 8:45PM
Aug 20 2008 10:33AM
i can never figure this game out!
Aug 18 2008 8:28PM
-shoots self in head-
Aug 10 2008 12:51PM
boring to me
Aug 8 2008 1:45PM
Aug 4 2008 2:31PM
what the h***, this game sucks.
Jul 22 2008 2:50PM
Whats your name? Are we close? What do you think of me? Do you have a crush on me? Would you kiss me? Would you go out with me? What 3 words do you discribe me as? If you had me for 30 mins what would you do? What was your first impression of me? Do you still think the same about me? What reminds me of you? If you could give me anything what would it be? How well do you know me? What do you like best about me? Ever wanted to tell me something you couldn't? Could you ever love me? Give me a nickname and explain why you chose it? Are you going to put this on your blog to see what I say about you? Anything to say before you go? Rate me 1-10. P.S Da stupid game SUCKS
Jul 22 2008 8:06AM
it sucks
Jul 21 2008 1:25PM
this game sucks
Jul 18 2008 2:51AM
dude i beat this game wood be cool if you git to the pont wher you sell a bunch of food and stuff but is freking hard to git ther!
Jul 10 2008 12:09PM
lame asss game 4 real its real f*** mddds
Jul 8 2008 11:55PM
Jul 1 2008 2:53AM
to hard
Jun 28 2008 9:07PM
im acemoney123 and i love this game cuz the best part is i won 22 times i love this game so bad
Jun 28 2008 12:51PM
What do you do on this game.
Jun 24 2008 8:39AM
that year hasent happened yet
Jun 23 2008 9:18PM
omg i lasted until march 2034!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 17 2008 8:04PM
k, I lasted until June 2019. I finally got it, I just don't know what do to with the cow's waste on the farm. The cows keep dieing. ;ss
BTW the farther you get in this game, the more sicker it gets. =ll
Jun 17 2008 7:32PM
its great but i keep losing
Jun 16 2008 2:50PM
this game is hard as *********
Jun 15 2008 1:08AM
Wow, under third world conrites it is racist..
Ayways, its a good game, if you have the right strategy, which I can't seem to get.
Jun 4 2008 6:14AM
this game is nice.. but there are some things that i dont like...
Jun 3 2008 3:32AM
I like this game very much
May 30 2008 7:02PM
this game is racist. i read under Food for Third-World Countries that it is for "NEGROES". WTF?!
May 20 2008 2:14PM
u just want to eat so
May 7 2008 5:40PM
this is a good game i like this game alot
May 4 2008 9:19PM
Why do u people say itis gay? it's not gay and it is hard but u have to read insturcetions to know how to play it right people send me im cateringa i have gotting no mail for 8 weeks so send me and we well talk people.
Apr 25 2008 12:55AM
The only way to enjoy it is to have the knowledge of how to do it I play and do pretty well so I enjoy it
Apr 13 2008 2:38PM
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay and even more gay gay gay gay and y da ronald mc donald look like dat s-h-i-t
Apr 13 2008 2:37PM
mcdonalds need o suck some body d-i-c-k because dis game is so fu-ck-in-g lame h-o-e a-s-s game suck somr body d-i-c-k
Apr 7 2008 8:43PM
you can suck my **** that game was lame
Mar 21 2008 7:00PM
When I Eat Mcdonleds next time i'll think about the gay game
Mar 12 2008 9:24PM
Mar 7 2008 7:17PM
what the **** is this ****
Mar 3 2008 2:31AM
Feb 28 2008 12:31PM
it is stupid and boring i do not get the point of it
Feb 16 2008 12:54PM
its hard
Feb 13 2008 4:07PM
too hard and stupid
Feb 3 2008 9:59PM
ok it's jessica1200 and it's GAY
Feb 3 2008 9:56PM
i'v not played it but people say it's gay
Jan 27 2008 9:28PM
Jan 27 2008 12:17AM
its boring!!!!
Jan 17 2008 11:01PM
to weird for its own good!! makes me not want ne more mcd's
Dec 29 2007 3:04PM
u have to be calm and have a good strategy to be able to play this game good and like it
Dec 28 2007 10:42PM
Dec 23 2007 7:08PM
this game is kinda ok
Dec 17 2007 2:07PM
dude its soooo slow and its stuped like other Macdonald's making ppl fat
Nov 29 2007 6:17PM
its ok
Nov 28 2007 6:42PM
Nov 20 2007 3:09PM
can you say rerarted
Nov 10 2007 11:38PM
this game is alright
Nov 3 2007 9:46PM
drama if u eva play this i love u baby
Nov 3 2007 12:10PM
this game is kool
Oct 13 2007 4:51AM
Weird. Is there a way to win???
Oct 7 2007 11:28AM
how the hell do you do it?!? im just startin to grow me cows and ive bankrrupted mcdonalds!! (dont eat at mcdonalds kids if u love animals or your own health)
Sep 19 2007 9:24AM
its hard and s?@! f@!# it :-(

from the game critic
Aug 25 2007 1:37AM
this game sucks its hard and boaring
Aug 13 2007 12:21AM
it's fun
Aug 10 2007 4:04PM
this game is hard!
Jul 18 2007 12:10AM
im ok about it