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May 28 2014 1:59PM
game is not original. u did a lot of changes which suck. and this music sucks. why cant there be ANY ORIGINAL games on here. i have them in the original sys. and my PC. but this is gay
Nov 21 2012 4:50PM
the music is really annoying but the game isnt that bad
Jan 14 2012 4:44PM
i have no idea how to play this! i just clicked on it because the little person is soo cute! lol
Aug 19 2011 1:49AM
hi people im new check out my profile
May 12 2011 12:57PM
music got very annoying
Mar 7 2011 6:25PM
or ammo
Mar 7 2011 6:25PM
dude this game is from free online bubles r wepins
Dec 24 2010 4:30PM
shy-shy08 want to to be friends
Jul 31 2010 6:49PM
your a fogo
Jul 15 2010 5:31PM
holy **** bubble bobble could be yoshis brother!!! they look so much alike!!!
run into a wall and hold space and up you'll fly lmfao
May 2 2010 8:17PM
i would say it is fine but not as good as super more thing. why doesn't Luigi get any credit. he is just as good as mario. wait i thought i was talking about this game. this is a very long comment or maybe not really but anyways you should play the game Riddle School. there is a whole series. it is under the puzzle section. ihave a video game called scooby doo night frights and i do not know why i am telling you that.i like sleeping sometimes and like to not get bored by doing stuff i do not like at all. i love the computer and the website mostfungames oh yeah before i stop making this comment i would like to say that if you have read this far into the comment,please visit my channel!!!!!!
Apr 24 2010 11:54AM
its ok
Apr 13 2010 11:27PM
??how does this work? dont like it!!!
Feb 11 2010 5:33PM
this is not a shooting game hahahahahahaha
Feb 3 2010 3:37PM
Jan 30 2010 11:26PM
Jan 30 2010 9:32PM
Jan 30 2010 9:31PM
Jan 17 2010 5:23PM
i have this game on my D.S
Jan 10 2010 8:10PM
Its extreamly fun but hard.
Jan 4 2010 8:01PM
Jan 4 2010 8:01PM
i cant pass the 4th lvl
Dec 25 2009 12:09PM
this game is awsome
i love it it so fun and challengeing
Dec 20 2009 1:22PM
i like it. i think its really cute. how can u add people and email them??? my user name is alix
Dec 1 2009 7:45AM
whoever thinks this game is hard they have issues
Nov 26 2009 9:40AM
this game is to hard happy thanks giving
Nov 10 2009 7:30PM
it was ok.
Nov 7 2009 11:57AM
thats a dumb game i like the old won better
Nov 7 2009 11:57AM
yep that guy does look like yoshi
Sep 19 2009 4:25PM
gawd. go to my profile for the link.
Sep 19 2009 4:22PM
I might put up a link to play the old bubble bobble online for FREE!
Sep 19 2009 4:20PM
pretty good, but the good old 8-bit is better
Sep 6 2009 8:18PM
And i thought i was a dumb kid :L
Aug 28 2009 2:19PM
game is a pice of **** i ****ing hate this game
Aug 17 2009 11:09AM
this game is ****ing annoying
Jul 29 2009 9:20AM
Jul 18 2009 6:16PM
He looks alittle freaky and gay
Jul 13 2009 3:42PM
Jul 5 2009 8:29PM
sucks looks like a baby night mare and its suck crack kocain
Jun 30 2009 11:43AM
booooooo 1/50
Jun 29 2009 10:19PM
4/5 good game
May 24 2009 7:33AM
oh wow this is mega easy!
May 19 2009 5:37PM
that guy looks like yoshi
May 19 2009 5:35PM
Apr 8 2009 7:51PM
freakin gay!!!!!
Mar 26 2009 4:30PM
the one 4 original nintendo is the best game in history
Mar 5 2009 7:54PM
it sucks balls
Feb 21 2009 11:59AM
I Like It!!!
Feb 20 2009 5:22PM
Feb 9 2009 9:17PM
the dinosar thing is so cuite lol

but it is a boring game
Jan 14 2009 6:41PM
i like this alittle bit
Jan 11 2009 4:23PM
this game sucks
Dec 13 2008 5:11PM
The stupid domb tumble cep get
Oct 11 2008 6:56PM
Oct 5 2008 8:58PM
this game really sucks i hate it
Oct 3 2008 12:16PM
sorry made some mistakes ---> "too" and "annoying"
Oct 3 2008 12:14PM
The original game was better than this one. The control is to sloppy and the monsters move to fast and unfair (compared to the original version).

And the game soundtrack is anoying as hell because they cut out the first 10 seconds of the original theme and looped it.

Sorry but 0...because if you know the original game, you don't like this version (but I guess most of you don't know the original version...try it! Download and emulator and the rom and here ya go!^^ Best ---> try the sega master system.)
Aug 30 2008 10:06PM
cheats make this gamefun
Aug 17 2008 11:19PM
thersi kno another cheat
do like Samus123 told but while holding space also hold up
ull get lots of pts and they wont get u cuz ull be flying
Aug 14 2008 2:15PM
its okay, but I feel gay playing this.
Aug 9 2008 6:21PM
Here's a cheat, go up against the wall, press and hold Spacebar and you'll keep on getting points.
Jul 23 2008 5:50PM
Jul 17 2008 4:29PM
sometimes fun, but sometimes bring and sucky
Jul 17 2008 12:10AM
I LOVE THIS GAME! XD lol although i couldnt go up i kept on falling...
Jul 16 2008 8:52AM
this game rocks
Jul 3 2008 12:23PM
dis game kinda ya
Jul 1 2008 2:04PM
what r u supposed 2 do?
Jun 20 2008 12:13PM
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
May 29 2008 4:36PM
May 28 2008 10:52PM
i'm with bob 3001 and love the game had bubble bobble on the nintendo 64
Feb 8 2008 10:49PM
its maby 4 lilttl kids
Dec 27 2007 6:22PM
This games is green
Dec 16 2007 7:38PM
yah its stupid
Nov 20 2007 11:44PM
i luv that musci^^