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Jul 3 2012 12:10AM
This game started to get boring while I was playing it, so I made a mountain of toppings and gave it to the person...
Jun 16 2012 12:46AM
i think i am too old for this ****. but i enjoy it anyway.
May 15 2012 8:56PM
this game is cool
Apr 1 2012 8:06PM
I love tacos.
Feb 19 2012 12:39PM
Feb 19 2012 12:38PM
i love this game so much i already finished it it is so easy!!!! i dont know why some of u guys say it is kinda hard it is 100% EASY
Feb 16 2012 5:45PM
I love this game. it really sucked when all my progress got deleted when i was on level 21.... ugggh.
Jan 1 2012 10:56PM
- i Havent Played This Game Since Last Year . But This Is A Good Game Though .
Dec 26 2011 2:01PM
I'm making TACO'S tonight litterly,u get it taco mia!LOL!
Dec 14 2011 4:25PM
I gotta be honest, quickly fell in love with this game. Now that I'm registered, hoping to save my game!! haha
Nov 20 2011 7:39PM
I Love this game its my favorite game on Most fun games its sooo awesome!
Nov 11 2011 3:15PM
I love it!
Oct 26 2011 11:59PM
Best game ever. Makes time fly <3
Oct 15 2011 1:26PM
love this game so much!!!
Oct 14 2011 4:34PM
i love this game soooo much
Oct 6 2011 2:47PM
Well, I really liked it up until I randomly had to RE start alll over again...not impressed!
Oct 1 2011 11:21AM
love this game i love all the games that have the papa name in the tittle
Sep 1 2011 1:09AM
http:// /index.php?r=3468391
Aug 16 2011 8:10PM
its a little hard even on the second level 3/5
Aug 6 2011 7:28PM
check out my profile
Aug 6 2011 11:40AM
i adore this game
it rocks my socks
Aug 4 2011 12:58PM
i like this game
Jul 31 2011 4:56PM
it already saves if you exit the game
Jul 23 2011 1:55PM
its fun but how do u save it O.o
Jul 12 2011 10:51AM
This game is awesome but now I want a taco
Jul 11 2011 12:27AM
this game is the best ever ever ever ever!!!!!!
Jul 3 2011 6:58PM
i heart this game!
Jun 24 2011 8:39PM
lml the pple in it are ugly as hell but its good
Jun 21 2011 10:26PM
Best Game ever!!! i would buy it on my ipod or psp
Jun 17 2011 8:57AM
this is the best mexican game ever
Jun 10 2011 2:25PM
this game is the best game in the world tee hee
Jun 6 2011 11:40PM
Jun 2 2011 8:48AM
who cares about first comment it just show how much of a baby you are
Jun 1 2011 1:29AM
May 31 2011 6:20PM
this is pretty fun its good except waiting for the meat to cook it is so boring
May 30 2011 5:15PM
May 30 2011 12:21PM
i have brown hair... oh put the conditioner in the bowl with the mashed up sweet tarts then put it in your just washed and brushed hair and put plastic wrab over it!!!
May 30 2011 12:19PM
oh yah... cool game!!! haha lol
May 30 2011 12:19PM
i tried to dye my hair with sweeet tarts yesterday!!!! mash them up then put some conditioner in and fall asleep with it in... when you wake up wash your hair!!!! it might work on a blondy!!! but im about to see if it worked on me!!!
May 28 2011 5:04PM
Great game! I love it!
May 27 2011 4:24PM
awesome game first comment i get it magykman because i commented not just saying FIRST COMMENT
May 27 2011 12:57PM