Plazma Burst 2

by gevanni
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Jul 23 2014 12:41PM

cool game I made it to level 7 didn't beat it yet
Jun 8 2014 2:05AM
samuel l

how do you use grenades?!
Jun 1 2014 1:57AM

on everything but it does has some lag issues and im having trouble with the flash player installation. thats pretty rachet
Jun 1 2014 1:55AM

yet it has GREAT game effects its SO cool ill give it a 5/5
Jun 1 2014 1:53AM

yet best game ever and i love how bloody and gory it is and idk what level im on right now
Dec 24 2012 8:15AM

well I beat all the levels and uh yeah. I was the 49th best player on multiplayer. (Look up Rambo returns)
Oct 28 2012 1:27AM

i past all lvls and i am done with easy,medium,i am on lvl 7 on hard. this game is bosss. lvl 39 is hard even on easy and,medium, it takes me a couple minutes to pass i wonder how hard it will be on hard
Sep 1 2012 8:55PM
jackie love

i cant get passed level 31
Aug 10 2012 8:08PM

wierd game
Jul 31 2012 8:39PM
fun boy25

how to get past level 16 wtf so hard
Feb 12 2012 1:22PM

I Cant Get Past Level 7 Becuz Of The Rope Swing
Dec 30 2011 3:34PM

i had allies but they got shot.=(
Nov 24 2011 4:37PM

what does the defribulater do
Jul 5 2011 9:47PM

how do u get past level 2?
Jun 5 2011 4:47PM

btw you need the fully upgraded rocket launcher to to this
Jun 3 2011 5:12PM

on wall jump use the rocket launcher then use the plazma ball shooter to keep in the air this got me all the way to the top still wall jump is gay so i give 4/5
May 24 2011 10:57AM

o i rate the wall jumping parts 3/5 they do pose a great challenge though lol
May 24 2011 10:52AM

the wall jump on level 27 is really gay i think u have to use your human assault rifle(the one u get in the begging) and once u wall jump once then u shoot the wall u just jumped off of and repeat the process and get yourself up
May 23 2011 11:58PM

5/5 game. AWESOME! Cant get passed the level 27 wall jump.
May 11 2011 8:51PM

reminds me of halo
Apr 18 2011 5:08PM

can you swap weapons?
Apr 6 2011 11:17AM

is there a trick to the wall jump on level 27 i cant get passed it
Apr 6 2011 1:24AM

really good game
Apr 5 2011 6:29PM
Mr.Black OPs

i cant pass level 7 the rope part is hard
Apr 3 2011 4:45PM

Awesome nearly beat it. I am stuck on the survival level. Better than the first one.
Apr 3 2011 1:12PM

Apr 2 2011 4:44PM

Awesome game
Nice graphics
better then the first
Apr 1 2011 4:19PM

Awesome game!
Apr 1 2011 4:13PM

I WAS going to give it a 5/5 and say its better than Raze. but its obvious lag and it not letting me sign in to do multiplayer made me think other wise. 3/5. if u think this is fun. CHECK OUT RAZE. JUST ABOUT NO LAG BUT IT DOESNT HAVE ONLINE GAMEPLAY. NOT THAT THIS ONE WORKS Mostfungames has it and armorgames.
Apr 1 2011 3:15PM

How do you beat level 2
Apr 1 2011 1:25PM

just ok 2.5/5

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