Hopper Beetle

by obyo
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Sep 22 2011 1:38PM

i perfer hopper beetle. it's like a older taxi rush
Mar 3 2011 10:57PM
Gold Maximo

Got to level 27. This is way easier than taxi rush.
Mar 3 2011 9:35PM

,i dont like like this game but i prefer taxi rush
Mar 3 2011 8:04PM

this is taxi rush with a diffrent name pretty much
Mar 3 2011 4:48PM

lvl16 my new record
Mar 1 2011 9:22PM

this game is just like taxi rush it is so easy got to level 18 they give u more lanes and tell u how far r u from the finish lane
Mar 1 2011 7:12PM

Pretty good game, got to level 15. Pretty much like Taxi Rush, except gives more information like how far you are to the finish line and what speed you're going at, and it also gives you two more lanes. Due to those listed above, I personally prefer this game over Taxi Rush.
Mar 1 2011 12:45AM

fun game lost at level 5.kinda like taxi rush

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