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Oct 24 2013 12:37PM
Wtf with the title. Lame name.
Feb 14 2012 11:28PM
Lol I almost died when I saw the title and all the comments about the title lol I think i peed myself laughing
Jan 17 2012 2:53PM
I saw the title thinking it was porn.
Oct 19 2011 9:37PM
he grows a ****...
Jun 12 2011 9:12PM
haha boner. that dosnt make sense cause boners arnt made of bones. ummmm i would say 3 1/2 out of
Jun 6 2011 9:05AM
he got boned
Mar 6 2011 10:52PM
besides the stupi name nobody can get over its good game and jeff you can see it and proves the guys name doesnt fit with his small boner
Mar 6 2011 4:28PM
hahahaha it says boner
Mar 6 2011 11:23AM
omg when it says thats a meaty boner it actually shows a small penis between his legs O.O woah
Mar 5 2011 11:02PM
lmao look at the title haha!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 5 2011 11:01PM
to easy beat it i one min ha
Mar 5 2011 2:59PM
beat the game in 3 min
too easy
Mar 4 2011 10:54PM
flaming boner hahaha
Mar 4 2011 10:54PM
meaty boner hahaha
Mar 4 2011 10:53PM
boner haha
Mar 4 2011 9:16PM
1/5 this is 4 pepl new 2 cpu games. for one i breeze right through it and....MEATY BONER?
Mar 4 2011 7:08PM
LoL look at the Title!