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Sep 26 2011 2:59PM
this is my game but i suck at it lol
Aug 4 2011 2:29PM
Aug 3 2011 3:38PM
this game sucks my ass
Apr 29 2011 10:58PM
Apr 29 2011 10:55PM
Mar 27 2011 1:18PM
This game is boring!!! ):
Jan 1 2011 3:22PM
1/5 it's not a great game to begin with, and i being in a foriegn language only makes it worse.
Dec 26 2010 3:47PM
good, bloody, but in a foreign language -.-
Dec 4 2010 5:04PM
why is it in another langage.
Nov 17 2010 2:26AM
Nov 10 2010 9:16PM
Nov 10 2010 1:48PM
sock it!!!
Jul 20 2010 8:02PM
This game sucks
Jun 14 2010 9:31AM
Hahaha this is funny, i beat CRAZY 88's!!!( only 1 time)
May 15 2010 8:03PM
this game ****s
Mar 2 2010 7:57AM
i love blood.
Feb 7 2010 6:21PM
you all sock who say it socks
Feb 7 2010 6:11PM
f.u. all it rocks because it is chech
Dec 26 2009 11:36PM
this is sooo ****ing gay u want 2 add me!!
Dec 23 2009 2:10PM
this f****** sucks
Dec 18 2009 9:33PM
beat it and it isnt spanish
Dec 18 2009 9:29PM
shut the fuc* up about fuc*in comments evanbit*h i needed one more guy but i died
Dec 17 2009 6:40PM
horiblegame i call 1st comment cuz no 1 did
Dec 4 2009 11:22PM
i past it motherf#####s finally for the past two years!!!!! man its slow but it gets so fast and i had one more life left but it was my last enemy
Nov 27 2009 6:09PM
what is with the spanish i think its stupid
but anyway its barely ok 2/5
Nov 18 2009 10:17PM
it rocks but its gay
Nov 15 2009 5:33PM
eh its alright
Oct 30 2009 11:43AM
boring add me!
Oct 4 2009 4:00PM
worst ****ing game
Oct 2 2009 10:00AM
i won but it is retarted
Sep 13 2009 9:48PM
that wuz ok
Sep 6 2009 4:42PM
yawn zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ IT SUCKED
Aug 24 2009 6:58PM
his game SUCKS!
Aug 16 2009 10:19PM
damn game sucked ass ****ers
Jul 8 2009 10:38AM
what the **** this is the worst game ever
Jun 16 2009 11:09PM
this is the worst game i ever played
Jun 14 2009 1:43PM
This game sucked.
May 17 2009 3:59AM
this is the worst game EVER
Apr 20 2009 3:59PM
**** fukers
Apr 17 2009 4:12PM
Mar 23 2009 10:26PM
spiderman spiderman
Mar 20 2009 4:25PM
worst game on site dont know how it has 3.06 rating
Jan 30 2009 10:02PM
This game really is a piece of **** you always get killed and well its really just a piece of ****
Jan 12 2009 2:04PM
so fu*kin sh*t i sucks my arse
Jan 5 2009 12:37AM
Jan 4 2009 12:18PM
Kool game yo it rocks but they always kill me so much lol but anywayz kool game
Dec 22 2008 8:56PM
3 F*ucking Word: WHAT THE HELL

Who is Bill? Was he a guy in middle school who you hated because he tried to r@pe you? Or is he a serial killer who killed your family and in order to find him you have to kill all these other random guys? Either way, I don't give a sh*t. Check out my profile and add me. 0/5 I wouldn't add to my favorites even if i was payed a million dollars.
Dec 20 2008 5:27PM
hate the game, love the music
Nov 16 2008 9:10PM
this game is the bum.
Oct 29 2008 4:10AM
coooooooolllll NOT
Oct 14 2008 3:48AM lol
Oct 12 2008 1:26PM
this games is dum what is the ****ing piont suck ass add me now !!
Sep 14 2008 5:27PM
i won the whole game!!!!!!!!!!! check my profile
Jul 6 2008 5:22PM
dude this game is so freaking easy
Jun 6 2008 8:52AM
how u win dis is wack.
Oct 31 2007 1:49PM
check my profile niggaz
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