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Jan 18 2019 10:50AM
fun game overall but the string often doesn't launch correctly making it impossible
Feb 21 2015 3:24PM
Dec 1 2014 1:17PM
Play Super Smash Flash 2 only on
Apr 18 2014 9:11AM
Hey! **** you.
Feb 18 2014 9:16PM
Hey, I'm new here!! How do you change your profile picture??
Dec 14 2013 9:42AM
Awesome! One of the very best games!
Aug 7 2013 12:22PM
the team all vote 5 star, great game, very addictive
Jul 20 2013 9:52AM
i love it
May 12 2013 2:13PM
Dec 29 2012 8:26AM
the cave level sucks
Dec 28 2012 6:13PM
this is so stupid but addicting xD
Nov 21 2012 4:04PM
this game sucks
Nov 17 2012 10:21PM
lov it baby
May 12 2012 9:36PM
awesome game
Apr 27 2012 7:50PM
Mar 8 2012 6:50AM
epic game
Feb 20 2012 9:02PM
Jan 8 2012 3:38PM
awesome game first level took real long swing and got past the line and finished the level i could not see myself.
Dec 22 2011 4:07PM
Add me if U like cyber
Dec 22 2011 4:06PM
WTF! in a level called "afternoon swing" i took this really strong swing that i passed the whole level above the screen unseeen 0.o
Dec 16 2011 11:15PM
love this game
Dec 15 2011 8:16PM
Nice pic!

Nov 25 2011 10:30AM
This game is so ****ing addicting!
Nov 20 2011 5:17PM
Nathenlsj, wrote that post on my b-day! Ya, thx!
Nov 13 2011 11:07AM
i am ten and looking for a hot girl friend
Oct 26 2011 6:05PM
man level 7 the cave is harrrd
Oct 5 2011 7:28PM
I love hanger it keeps me going
Sep 12 2011 1:10PM
level 8 is relly hard
Sep 11 2011 1:15AM
level 22 is freakin hard. eveythin else you can pretty much just go really fast nd win but not wit this
Aug 25 2011 8:49PM
i have an awesome cheat for this game but im not telling cause of all these newbies on here
anyway nice game
if u guys wanna know an awesome game goto adventurequest worlds
theres new things to do every friday and when special days come up like new years or Christmas they have a nice shop(the shop is in the game)
so your character looks really cool. its a very fun game and im highly addicted to it. sign up is free but if u want an upgrade which i highly reccomend it will cost actual money but its totally worth it (in my opinion)
im a promoter for adventurequest worlds so im just trying to get website EVEN MORE POPLAR (which it already is)bout 25kplayers a day

Aug 24 2011 3:47AM
Aug 14 2011 1:04PM
oops, the ftyfrrtyr is my sisters account, i'm theillusionist24, and i'm a guy
Aug 14 2011 1:02PM
this game is addictive! i could paly this for the rest of my life! thumbs up dude!
Aug 13 2011 10:40AM
oh yeah i love this game
Aug 13 2011 10:39AM
that is the coolest thing ive ever seen jordydd8
Aug 8 2011 9:16PM
cool game
Aug 4 2011 6:07PM
i cant get pasted the last level ugggg
Jul 30 2011 3:51AM
SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!!! Add me if you think its freaking fun, lol
Jul 27 2011 7:05PM
beat it. long green is last level and its about as easy as level 12. 22 is by far the hardest
Jul 23 2011 8:04PM
i suck so much at this game i can't get pass level 4
Jul 18 2011 1:34PM
level 22 is hard!!!
Jul 17 2011 10:47PM
I love this game.The funny part is when you lose body parts
Jul 14 2011 8:38PM
it so fun
Jul 13 2011 4:58PM
i thought this game was only on addicting games??? !!! :l
Jul 13 2011 11:53AM
that gameis so fukin raw bruh it hard not losin yo lims
Jul 7 2011 9:27PM
fuking ass boring game in my opinion
Jul 6 2011 6:22PM
Yes! 2 days later I pass it! now lvl 9....
Jul 4 2011 3:50PM
Lvl 8 is hard....
Jun 27 2011 4:20PM
ok now i cant get past lvl 22 lol
Jun 27 2011 3:45PM
i cant pass lvl 9 lol smh good game tho <3
Jun 27 2011 1:12AM
CANT PASS LVL 8! good game though!
Jun 15 2011 6:35PM
not bad
May 31 2011 11:50AM
i can't pass level 22
May 22 2011 2:57AM
i cant pass lvl 9
May 6 2011 9:41AM
i cant get past lvl 8
May 5 2011 10:53AM
i cant pass lvl 8
Apr 24 2011 11:30PM
Apr 24 2011 11:27PM
Apr 16 2011 12:30PM
its fun
Apr 15 2011 9:14PM
Apr 6 2011 7:06PM
luv it
Apr 3 2011 11:27PM
still pretty hard but awesome
Apr 2 2011 12:16PM
OMG best game ever XD
Mar 31 2011 12:38PM
this game is ASOME.....
Mar 29 2011 12:40PM
leave the last one out
Mar 29 2011 12:39PM
face: ;(
Mar 29 2011 12:37PM
im happy they mae this game!
Mar 29 2011 12:36PM
Mar 29 2011 12:36PM
these are all my faces i can do :0 |
Mar 29 2011 12:35PM
Mar 29 2011 12:34PM
i cant pass level 6. ;(
Mar 29 2011 12:32PM
i loved it!!!! its was so fun all you have to do is swing and hangon. its like being a monkey or doing the monkey bars!! one of the best game ever on this site!
Mar 18 2011 12:05AM
Loved it!I thought it was pritty funny.I killed my self like 1,00000000000000000 times!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 13 2011 3:04PM
cool game its pretty hard
Mar 10 2011 10:21PM
this is hard and mostly level 11
Mar 9 2011 6:26PM
its good
Mar 9 2011 6:25PM
it fun
Mar 5 2011 2:53PM
eh pretty fun. 3/5
Mar 1 2011 7:51PM
dont think its anything special its not hard so immature
Feb 24 2011 8:30PM
I beat the whole game ya'll!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! ^^
Feb 20 2011 5:01AM
ths game is catchiy
Feb 19 2011 10:46PM
no it aint beeyotch
Feb 13 2011 4:19PM
wow ummm level 9 is like super hard
Feb 6 2011 1:12PM
this game is fun
Feb 4 2011 11:42PM
Just luv it...mor den n e thng
Feb 2 2011 8:31AM
i love it. its new, its challenging, its fun. 4/5

@First Commentz and @rock on! you two are not the first comment or the first to call it. just saying.

@Theseus you got that off of iCarly. I used to watch the show a few years back. no I dont have a life but youre the one taking quotes from iCarly
Jan 28 2011 7:08PM
the game is ok check mii out me = 100% awesome and loving life
Jan 24 2011 9:50PM
i beat the whole game y'all
Jan 21 2011 1:11PM
This Game is amazing
Jan 12 2011 10:01PM
Jan 7 2011 8:01PM
WOW i try to lose but i cant wo im beast at this game!!!!!!!!!
Dec 30 2010 9:25PM
past the hole game
Dec 30 2010 12:04AM
i got to level 23
Dec 18 2010 10:44PM
Dec 17 2010 6:42PM
got to level 12!!!
Dec 11 2010 4:32PM
its an epic game
Dec 9 2010 6:00PM
every level is easy on it
Nov 29 2010 5:44PM
2nd comment
Nov 18 2010 5:24PM
cant get pass lvl 23
Nov 18 2010 5:19PM
yo this game is super fun. i give it a 8/10!
Nov 15 2010 10:13PM
Lvl 9 Is HARDD!!
Nov 15 2010 9:40PM
score 1970000 days to complete: 6
Nov 15 2010 3:13PM
i couldent get past level
Nov 13 2010 8:33PM
@Theseus kiss my ass
Nov 4 2010 9:37AM
guys stop playing these games you are all waisting your lives get a job kiss a girl just do something
Nov 3 2010 1:55AM
Oct 30 2010 6:03PM
diz game isx a b****
Oct 27 2010 4:10PM
i kept dying lol
Oct 25 2010 6:05PM
i won in 5 min
Oct 24 2010 8:24AM
kinda hard but when u get past level 6 its easier awesome game by the way
Oct 17 2010 5:19PM
i am still stuck at the cave 2
Oct 16 2010 1:08AM
finished the game in half a hour
also pretty boring but tearing off his limbs was fun :3
Oct 16 2010 12:44AM
first comment no one called it hard game
Oct 15 2010 7:40PM
cool game
Oct 10 2010 10:28PM
Ewwwww. 2/5 id rather be board
Oct 8 2010 5:56PM
Awesome game 5/5 very easy past whole game!
Oct 7 2010 10:09AM
this game is awesome but it makes my sister board
Oct 6 2010 6:34PM
I don't know what you guys are complaining about... It's not THAT hard...
5/5. It's a really nice idea with a perfect... (Pun, lol) EXECUTION.
Oct 5 2010 11:16PM
Not bad game
Oct 3 2010 4:33PM
I can't believe i finished the game!
Oct 2 2010 6:55PM
You know what would be cool in level 14? Warp zones.
Oct 1 2010 10:22PM
Can't get passed 22.One more level!
Oct 1 2010 4:36PM
made it to lvl 15 but cant get past it
Sep 30 2010 6:13PM
onlii made iht 2 leval 3..?!?!? :/
Sep 30 2010 6:03PM
What u guys talking about?? Lv.8 is eazy
Lv.9 is hard!
Awsome game! 1000/10
Sep 30 2010 10:57AM
3 and a fourth of a star.ish
Sep 28 2010 3:45AM
but its fun to tare his limbs off :I
Sep 26 2010 3:19PM
Pretty good game.
Sep 22 2010 4:31PM
Fun, awesome, cool and awesome... wait!
Sep 19 2010 6:50PM
omg i cant get pass leval 8
Sep 19 2010 2:40PM
when you get to about level 7 it starts getting harder
Sep 18 2010 1:04PM
hard but cool 3 stars
Sep 18 2010 11:16AM
holy crap that was hard. good game 4/5
Sep 18 2010 11:09AM
this game is so f***ing hard!!!!!! 4/5 great game
Sep 17 2010 5:51PM
why are you people obsessing over is what you do if you get the first comment:

wow. good game.4/5

thats it
Sep 17 2010 3:53PM
its not a comment if u don't comment on a game.ther4 1st COMMENT REJECTED!4/5
Sep 17 2010 7:41AM
First Comment
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