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Oct 17 2018 5:51PM
well i am on level 14 now
Nov 30 2011 10:40PM
would of been great, but ruined w/ the ad
Jun 21 2011 9:58PM
tell me when u become celina gomez ♥♥jbieber♥♥
Jun 19 2011 8:09PM
how do you buy the locked balls
Feb 25 2011 7:54PM
i beat this game easy
Jul 19 2010 12:34AM
i only got to lvl 12
Jun 1 2010 9:30PM
I'm not good at this game... but it is a little boring. Not that much excitement in it.
May 31 2010 2:51PM
May 12 2010 11:12PM
Great game! Too bad it begins to suck more and more after level 20.
May 1 2010 12:40AM
() ()
(* . *)
( u u )

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Apr 10 2010 7:06PM
i liked it id give it a 4/5 its pretty addicting
Mar 31 2010 11:58PM
also Jake 127 that picture is fake and ur a fag for finding it
Mar 31 2010 11:58PM
lvl 4 is impossible if you know how adddd meehhhhh
Mar 29 2010 3:36PM
Mar 25 2010 3:50PM
Mar 19 2010 8:01PM
canadians dont take stuff too far stupid americans dont know anything.Kerblooie u suck balls u dont even live in canada we are in the same continest shuth the Fuc up
Mar 18 2010 10:09PM
I really like this game!!! I beat all 30 levels
Mar 18 2010 10:18AM
well i am on lvl 14now
Mar 11 2010 6:51PM
this game sucks
Mar 9 2010 11:38PM
did you know that canadians take stuff too far...
oh when i was on lvl 6 i got -5697 dont ask me how. but i did
anyways canadians take stuff to far sum laura girl is posting pics and a vid of nuther girl named sara. no i'm not sara ima boy and i dont live in canada i live in california (p.s if you know were that place is in california that is next to joshua treethats were i am we not even on map XD). but point is that girls take stuff too far.
@ocanada: I TAKES UR FANCY HAM AND UR MOUTIE HORSEY AND GOES TO RUSSIA. U can has them back later...
Mar 7 2010 1:42PM
10th comment
Feb 19 2010 8:15PM
NSMBW is level 6 REALLY gay or can you just, well, not get it right at all? Tell the truth........
Feb 19 2010 12:00AM
kinda boring -_-
Feb 18 2010 4:15PM
stupid 2/5
Feb 18 2010 10:53AM
Feb 17 2010 8:33PM
lvl 12 is easy but don't use a bigger ball then a 10
Feb 17 2010 5:09PM
Level 6 is gay >
Feb 17 2010 12:40PM
what the heck am i suppose to do?????
Feb 17 2010 10:06AM
well i got 2nd comment o beat that x] pretty kool game doesnt suck
Feb 17 2010 7:02AM
1st comment awsome game