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Jun 7 2015 9:30PM
Dumb game
Feb 14 2012 6:32AM
Disregard that last comment. I'm past that bit now and I'm stuck on a screen with a red staircase and flames shooting out from the cave roof.
I have a turn and a falling block left in my inventory, but can't stop my stickman from walking to his fiery death.
I've tried clicking on pretty much everything, but can't stop the fire.
Feb 13 2012 12:06PM
OK, so I've got to the underground caves and reached the screen with the large walking scissors. Now I'm stuck.
I've got a falling block and a jump in my inventory. Anyone know how to get past them?
Dec 2 2011 7:42PM
well this is about stupid
Feb 12 2011 6:07PM
hapland is better than this and hapland sucks
Feb 1 2011 4:14PM
omg stupid
Dec 24 2009 3:20PM
cant pass lvl.4 i click him when he gets to the second white part and hed explodes and makes me die! HELP!
Oct 13 2009 6:01PM
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!
Oct 3 2009 11:12PM
Oct 3 2009 11:10PM
i wanna be chuckie for halloween
Oct 3 2009 11:10PM
its just like hapland gosh i hate that hapland game its so freakin hard i almost punched a hole on my old computer the see ya
Oct 3 2009 11:07PM
when you get to the second cliff after you ride that cart up i have something in my invatory and whan i click on him on the edge he blows up and if you dont do anything he dies when he falls he dies someone help me please
Aug 15 2009 2:15PM
its like hapland
Aug 9 2009 6:29PM
i cant get pass level 3 fuc*
Jul 16 2009 10:21PM
how the hell do u pass level 2
Jul 7 2009 10:29AM
level one click the target. level two click the thing you pick up when its in ur inventory. then click on the stick guy when he gets to the edge of the cliff
Jul 6 2009 2:19AM
how do you use power thing in lvl 1
May 28 2009 6:50PM
i kantt even pass fcking level 1....
May 23 2009 11:39PM
but how the he** do we beat lvl 2
May 17 2009 10:41AM
May 17 2009 10:35AM
sorry i messed with lvl.4 to pass the lvl.3 just have to press the red sing to make it green but you have to press it on the right moment
May 16 2009 5:43AM the hell pass the lvl.3 it damn it !
Mar 14 2009 4:40PM
Uh... Why don't the man move on level3?? How do you even win that level??
Mar 3 2009 4:05PM
HELP i cant get pass lvl.3
Jan 24 2009 10:25AM
to beat lvl3 make the man go on to the little platformthen quickly acesnd the platform and TA-DA
Jan 16 2009 10:49AM
if you know how to beat lvl 3 tell me.
Dec 30 2008 12:07PM
how do u beat lvl 3?

man wont move
Dec 27 2008 9:54PM
how do u beat lvl 3?
Dec 27 2008 9:14AM
lvl 5 HELP!!!
Dec 24 2008 3:40PM
to beat lv 4 u have to du dis after picking up boom box, a guy will fall down the cliff. You will have to catch him with the roller thingy and transport him to the other side. Now, click on the special move explode when he steps on the 2nd white part which catapuls him up.
Dec 23 2008 9:19PM
lvl4 HELP!!!!!!!
Dec 3 2008 7:48PM
lvl 4 help!!!!
Dec 3 2008 9:39AM
i tried to get past that wall
Oct 14 2008 10:54PM
okay, to pass level what you do is you click the thing in the right hand corner, and then you click on the guy. . . . but make sure that you wait till he is at the end of the corner or else he will jump before and when you get to the corner you will die.
Sep 27 2008 5:18PM
how do you pass lvl 2
Sep 27 2008 12:54PM
if anyone is listening can u help me plz
Sep 27 2008 12:53PM
i cant get level 3 how do u do it
Aug 23 2008 1:01PM
when u pick up the raidio in the box it shows a guy on the guy's picture then click on the guy. he should jump over the gap.add me and i will add u back
Aug 15 2008 12:29PM
i like sex and i dont know how toplay anyone wanna have sex mmm i love it
Jul 31 2008 8:53PM
click your guy before the edge
Jul 31 2008 8:52PM
and for the getting stuck on the ground thing is wrong you have to click the item and right before the edge
Jul 31 2008 8:49PM
how do you get past level 3
Jul 28 2008 10:14AM
got to level 3
Jul 17 2008 7:21PM
how do u do the one with the arrow pointing up-right? he just keeps falling downt the hole. level 4?
Jul 9 2008 10:13PM
this games is so easy...but the getting stuck in the ground does suck lol
Jul 9 2008 8:07PM
The level 2 getting stuck in the ground is just a game flaw... they really should fix it, though, because it happens 90% of the time!
Jun 23 2008 8:57PM
how do u pass lvl 2!?!?! evry time i jump i get stuck in the ground and end up restarting all over again
Jun 8 2008 8:37AM
how do u pass lvl 2
May 28 2008 7:33AM
I can not get past level 3 help me!!
Mar 9 2008 6:51PM
sucks ass
Feb 8 2008 10:08PM
its hord 4 me
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