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Aug 18 2011 5:56PM
Man this game is hard.
Aug 2 2011 2:06PM
if u want to play a better game than these goto adventurequest its free. It only costs if want to upgrade your account
its kinda boring at first but when u make some friends its really fun
its also very kiddie but mostly for teens and stuff

add me if u like adventurequest worlds

THIS game was ok won a every hand so was kinda dull
Jul 9 2011 10:36PM
A good short and easy game to relax and unwind with !
May 30 2011 10:39AM
its pretty easy if u know how to play poker
Dec 30 2010 9:00AM
So Easy & Sometimes So ****in Hard!
Apr 13 2010 11:12PM
so easy!!!!!!!!
Apr 5 2010 9:41AM
I dont even get how to play :0|
Jan 9 2010 12:33AM
won every hand!!!!!!!!
Dec 26 2009 3:03AM
SO EASY !! u should see da zynga poker, it's much harder and fun !!!
Aug 15 2009 5:11PM
i dont even know how t play pooker and i dominated
Jun 24 2009 12:17AM
it's straight
Jun 22 2009 12:44PM
it is ok
May 18 2009 4:41PM
this is so easy
Apr 22 2009 9:07PM
Mar 10 2009 7:19PM
Feb 25 2009 8:07PM
hate it
Jan 25 2009 3:41PM
won on the first hand
Nov 30 2008 5:54PM
LOL!! when they shuffle the ca
Nov 27 2008 8:49AM
its not a game u sit down all
Nov 26 2008 4:22AM
3rd comment! game is way too s
Nov 25 2008 11:56AM
Second comment! ok game as well
Nov 25 2008 10:36AM
first comment losers. OK game.