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Sep 9 2017 8:23AM
Amazing! love it! 10/10!!!
Dec 29 2010 2:34PM
dogfight the great war is better but its good 9/10
Sep 1 2010 7:10PM
good game but to easy
Jun 2 2010 3:18PM
good game 10/10 but to easy for me
Mar 21 2010 6:54PM
great game i give it a 9/10
Mar 11 2010 8:10AM
rawr. played the game again after a while. made it to the excape enemy lines one
Jan 31 2010 11:34AM
Awesome Game!!!!!!!
Dec 5 2009 12:56AM
pretty good game
Sep 27 2009 6:00PM
help!!! i need to find that flight simulater game i think it was like a german plane name but i cant bloddy remember if u know plz messege me
Sep 4 2009 4:45PM
Awesome game
Sep 2 2009 9:01PM
nice game
Sep 2 2009 8:54AM
i beat the whole game in like 30 minutes that was easy i love
Mar 16 2009 6:16PM
da the was awsome
Mar 13 2009 7:57PM
yyyeeeeeess!!!! finally beat the game with 4 lives left!!I lost the only life because I crashed! omg yess im so happy lol i finally defeated Dogfight 2!
Mar 13 2009 4:54PM
still can't beat Ace Escort
Mar 12 2009 9:44PM
Hell! No Time For Repairs is so cheap!!! After you fire a few bullets 'Guns Jammed!' Use your bombs' you have to take out an enemy squadron with about 12 planes with bombs cheap cheap cheap
Mar 11 2009 11:18PM
Made it to Surprise Attack and died... not fun when you die and that mission is near impossible!
Jan 24 2009 4:02PM
Airship is hard I keep crashing into the damned baloon!
Jan 17 2009 11:22AM
Dammit. Squadron killed me again! Oh well, the music in the 'Game Over' thing is like Star Wars music! XD
Dec 22 2008 12:03PM
Dec 22 2008 11:57AM
this game is kind of poopy
Nov 16 2008 2:20PM
it wont load for me
Nov 9 2008 7:19PM
love it best game ever
Nov 9 2008 7:18PM
love best game ever
Nov 2 2008 7:04PM
for me it was an easy game beat it in 20 mins
Oct 29 2008 4:41PM
awesome game i play it a lot but it is very hard
Oct 27 2008 4:18PM
hard but good
Oct 26 2008 1:11PM
Wow, nevermind, I didn't realize that it was cut into segments instead of missions...
Oct 26 2008 1:03PM
Finally, a WWII game where you actually play as the Germans! I like this game. Squadron is probably the last mission because it's very hard.
Oct 25 2008 12:49PM
Anyone on? playin this game still?
Oct 25 2008 10:08AM
this game needs more help
Oct 24 2008 12:50PM
gay game
4th comment
Oct 23 2008 11:53AM
Awesome game and the graphics are brilliant. Just as fun as the first one even though some missions are quite hard. Other than that this is the type of game I've been waiting for...just awesomeness! Definetely adding this game to my favourites. 5/5.
Oct 23 2008 11:05AM
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Oct 23 2008 10:50AM


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